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Joanna Wester
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Post by Joanna Wester »

Professor Snape, like of course. he's the braviest man i ever knew. plus, he's awesome. he's the half blood prince!
Drea Riot
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Post by Drea Riot »

This is actually a really difficult question, so I'm just gonna go with one of my favourites.
Ever since the last book, one of my new favourites became severus snape, because he had so much more depth than anyone thought.
at first you just think he is cruel towards harry because of his father;
but then you learn about how he loved Lily Evans more than anything in the world, and would do anything to serve her last wishes and protect harry.
And after all 7 books where it goes back and forth between looking like he is on Voldemort's side, and looking like he is on the good side,
you found out that yeah, he isn't the nicest person, but he actually has so much compassion.
It's funny how in all the books I wished he would get killed, but I cried when it actually happened.

Another character I love, I get a lot of raised eyebrows for-
Bellatrix Lestrange.
I think I grew a soft spot for her mainly because of Helena Bonham Carter,
but beside from that, she is an amazing criminal!
She's basically Voldemort's only supporter that is on his side, no matter what, and would die for him, (which she did).
And she is so ruthless, most criminals have motives for why they act the way they do, like their past or something that happened,
but she is just downright evil and enjoys every second of it.
She really is a great villain.
drea riot!
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Deborah Athena
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Post by Deborah Athena »

Personally, for me, I've always liked Severus Snape best. It's not just that he manages to spy on Voldemort, he not only had to report to Dumbledore and Voldemort, with whom he needed to find the balance between enough information and not too much. He also had to teach 7 years of Dunderheads. Moreover, he had to protect Harry Potter out of his promise to the one girl he loved, Lily Evans. The constant reminder of his arch enemy James Potter by Harry's features conflicted with Harry's eyes. Internally, he had to deal with so many emotions yet present nothing to the world. He is a reminder to us that even though we don't also make the best choices, we can also walk out of darkness back into the light if we truly want to. Also, he is an inspiration for us that even though circumstances are bleek and we're juggling our own Dumbledore, Voldemort and idiotic potions students that we can prevail.
Janie Peterson
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Post by Janie Peterson »

I have a lot of favorite characters in Harry Potter!

1. Severus Snape
2. Draco Malfoy
3. Ronald Weasley
4. Harry Potter

I like Severus Snape because he's really really kind even though he's mean. He's fair and smart and all-knowing. And he's really good at keeping secrets, obviously. ;o

I really like Draco Malfoy just because he makes the series a whole lot more interesting!

Ronald Weasley is amazing because he's squeamish at times and in the movies, he makes the funniest faces! I can actually remember picturing his faces as described in the book as I was reading but when the movies came out, it just became realistic. xD

Harry Potter is obviously an idol. (: He's the main character, and although people think that he's not "my favorite character" material, I think he is. He's been through a lot in the series and we could see how much physical pain he was in thanks to the movies! (: Harry Potter is definitely one of my favorite characters because he's brave, strong, and down to Earth!
Michelle Erickson
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Post by Michelle Erickson »

Luna. Because she is everything I want to be, confident in herself, kind, compassionate, firm, vicious, intelligent, loyal....
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Kaimana Yuki Lee
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Post by Kaimana Yuki Lee »

Ronald Weasley. I admit I like him because he made me laugh. That's just it. :lol:
Lilac Summerset
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Post by Lilac Summerset »

My favorite character is Hermione because she is smart and just Hermione. She is great :)
This is totally awesome!
Theia Bondevik
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Post by Theia Bondevik »

My favourite HP character by far is Luna. She's eccentric, blunt, strong, loyal, faithful to her beliefs, intelligent and not afraid to be herself. Imagine yourself in her shoes. You're being bullied the majority of your school years, I'd probably blow up and get myself in a boatload of trouble. But what does Luna do? She continues her education, head held high, was never fazed and best of all, it didn't slow her down. Instead, she continued to help other people in situations like her become accepted for who they are. That's another thing I love about Luna, she's not afraid to be herself. It doesn't matter if the other girls get the newest fashions or join the latest trends courtesy of the media. Instead, Luna wears her radish earrings and butterbeer cap necklace, just in case if she goes to close to some mistletoe and attracts nargles. Lastly, Luna is extremely loyal to the friends she has and strong when needed. Therefore, why Luna Lovegood is my favourite Harry Potter character.
Gwenivere Greenleaf

Post by Gwenivere Greenleaf »

My favourite character is Luna Lovegood. When I started reading about her, I thought she was very much like myself, but she also has many traits I admire and I'd like to be even more like her.
Professor Lupin was also my favourite character for many years, it's just that in the 6th and 7th book I didn't like him so much, and then Luna went up to the first place.
William Heartbeak
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Post by William Heartbeak »

Hermione! Well, first because she is really smart, and I usually like the nerdy, geeky characters in fictions. Second, I like how she is the one who tries to help Harry and Ron in their endeavor with her brain, something like the smart person who assists the hero by cracking codes and evaluating the situations.
William Heartbeak

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Jacqualine Snape
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Post by Jacqualine Snape »

I think my name says it all.
Jay Black
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Post by Jay Black »

Whilst I love Harry, Ron & Hermione, my absolute favourite character is Sirius Black. He's courageous, loyal to the core and he'll die before he lets any harm come to his friends.
Mary Clairyn
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Post by Mary Clairyn »

I love the sweetest couple (Hermione-Ron!) but My favorite character is Hermione Granger. She's pretty, smart, energic.. always help her friends... and I love her knowledge.. ^_^
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Mikel Ace
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Post by Mikel Ace »

Even tho i like Potter and Granger, my main favorite is and always will be Severus Snape and Voldemort. because they don't take anything childish and does things bluntly.
Natasha Martin
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Re: Favorite Character

Post by Natasha Martin »

My favourite Harry Potter character has to be Luna. Luna is awesome because she doesn't let anything faze her and she's willing to learn and defend herself against bullies. She is also caring and understanding of people's problems and always has a really nice piece of advice. Also she's totally crazy which is fun. :D :lol:
April Hale
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Re: Favorite Character

Post by April Hale »

Draco. His characters amazingly thought out and he doesn't show it but he does care.
Hope Baker
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Re: Favorite Character

Post by Hope Baker »

Honestly, this question is hard to answer. I like Hermione because she really shows how being smart is so important sometimes. Also, she never really cares what others think and she doesn't let that put her down.

I like Ginny because she shows how girls can be tough and stand up for themselves. She also shows how girls can do anything that boys can do. She sets an example of how gender doesn't affect strength.

I like Luna because she shows how it's OK to be unique. She also shows how being weird is good. Just because everyone thinks of her as "Loony Luna", she doesn't let that affect her or bring her down. She always show her true personality.
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