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Lorraine Laroche
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Post by Lorraine Laroche »

My favourite characters would be Hermione, Luna, Fred and George, Sirius and Severus.

I love Hermione because she's smart.
Luna is lovely because of her dreaminess.
Fred and George are epic goofy goobers.
Sirius is hot beast.
And Severus just has attitude to love.

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Lily Diggory
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Post by Lily Diggory »

Lorraine Laroche wrote:QUOTE (Lorraine Laroche @ Aug 25 2010, 03:48 PM) Sirius is hot beast.
*chokes on sandwich* :o
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Beverly Derossa
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Post by Beverly Derossa »

Well, this is an age old question and, with so many absolutely amazing characters in these books, it's hard to choose. Though people always considered, especially in earlier years, Ginny to be a weak character I am somewhat fond of her. This may be because it was pointed out that she is a lot like me.
This may also be why I feel VERY connected to the character o Lily Evans. This is a true connection that I feel, I understand her so well and it's strange.
Also, Luna Lovegood. She is a very interesting character and J.K Rowling seems to understand her so well and she's a joy to read about. I also LOVE SNAPE, HERMIONE and...TONKS.
Tara Aurelium
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Post by Tara Aurelium »

Mmm. Tough question. Lupin disappointed me a bit in later stages, and while I like Hermione and can relate to her geekyness...she's still not my favourite.

My favourite would have to be the only and only, Severus Snape. His character is probably one of the most developed, most real and most brilliant of all of the characters in the series. He's also partly why I despise James Potter a bit - the way they bullied him was just terrible, and well..bullying. It made Harry such a hypocrite. All heroic and loving and fair, looking up this wonderful daddy. ugh.
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Mhean Lee
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Post by Mhean Lee »

I have so many favorite characters. Hermione (my ultimate bias), Sirius, Dumbledore, Lupin, Tonks, Moody and Weasley Twins. Seriously, I like (love) them all :)
Imogen Tiny
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Post by Imogen Tiny »

My favourite character Is BALDIE VOLDIE. He is epic! For two resons.
1. Without Him There Would Be No Story
2. He is just so tottally Evil, I love the bad guys in books, just seeing there past and how they devolp. I think that voldemort is just a perfect example of evil! :lol:
Marte Rosso
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Post by Marte Rosso »

This is a really hard question but I think if I had to choose a favourite it'd be Dumbledore. I love how he turned out to be such a tragic character when his past was revealed... plus it's cute that he fancied Grindelwald :P
Kai Daniels
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Post by Kai Daniels »

It's got to be McGonagall for me. Her unwavering loyalty to Harry and Dumbledore, her bravery and her humour make her the best character. I love her especially in Fifth Year with Umbridge and during the Battle of Hogwarts ("It seems Professor Snape, to use the common term, has done a bunk."). I also like Hermione, Luna and Dumbledore.
Prof. Hailey Potter
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Post by Prof. Hailey Potter »

My favorite character is Ron Weasley. He is funny, he seems to wear his heart on his sleeve, (Which is an admirable quality) and he's just adorable. For some strange reason, though, he's not popular. When I was at WWofHP, I was purchasing Ron's wand and the cashier informed me and my dad he wasn't really selling well, compared to all the other characters. (For instance, I went the first weekend it opened [on chance, not on purpose] and we were there on Sunday. It had only been opened for two days to the public and already Hermione's wand was sold out, and the cashier said she thought they had a Ginny wand too, and she had been sold out as well) My second fave is Luna, just cause she's so out there. It makes her humorous but she's quite endeavoring as well.
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Leanna Lovegood
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Post by Leanna Lovegood »

Luna. She's witty, unusual, serene, bright, intelligent, creative, and open-minded. A lot like myself, says my friends, but not as open-minded...
Nikki Walker
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Post by Nikki Walker »

I really do have a soft spot for Luna Lovegood. Her character is so rich and has so much more depth than a lot of the other characters.
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Maravillas Arrington
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Post by Maravillas Arrington »

My favorite HP character is Luna Lovegood, and I think I've probably bored HOLers to death with why I Love Luna (that should be a sitcom ;) ) I won't torture you all anymore, except to say she's simply brilliant!

Erm, the entire Weasley family are my favorites too, I suppose, if I can count them all! I want a crazy big family like that! (Preferably a magical one..)

And finally, Lucius Malfoy. What a jerk! I love it :lol: And yes, I probably wouldn't like him as much if Jason Isaacs hadn't played him in the films. But, oh well. Take it or leave it! Note: Draco's not half bad either, like father like son!

Oh gosh Snape too! Wow I have too many favorites, I guess. Snape is epic! A very, very well written character in my opinion.
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Enid Labs
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Post by Enid Labs »

Ok, this question is a really difficult one to answer even to myself. I love Ron Weasley, but I can't consider him my favourite because there are a lot of things about him that bother me a little.
Then, I feel really identified by Hermione Granger... I'm a lot like her (almost in everything, except for the Hogwarts house), and I don't really appreciate me that much to say Hermione would be my fav. character. Yes, I love her... but I don't know... She miss a lot of things...

Surely I would say that my fav. character was and will allways be Fred Weasley. I always loved his way to be. He is like the person I always wanted to be: he's funny everytime, he always sees everything good, and he have a great connection with George (I think I would never have that connection with NO ONE). I love how he could ALWAYS make me smile even in my bad days. And he was that brave to sacrifice himself to save one person. I find it very difficult to hate something about a person like he was. So I think that's why he will always be my fav. character (R.I.P. dear Freddie :'( ).

Then, the other character who is my favorite is Luna. I'm totaly like her in all the aspects. I can see another side of the things that nobody else can see, and I'm kinda weirdo (yes, I'm a combination of Hermione and Luna... maybe like a Hermiona, 'cause I'm VERY nerdy, and moody like Hermione, but I'm strange and unique as Luna :) )
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Sirius Fudge
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Post by Sirius Fudge »

I haven't thought about my favorite character in HP until now. I would say that my favorite is Albus Dumbledore. I look up to the ones who give guidance and advice to the hero, especially if that person is a teacher. I also love Dumbledore's story as expanded in the seventh book, highlighting his youth and his wild dreams before. I like the change and the increase of wisdom one can see as a person ages, as illustrated in Dumbledore.

His role in the journey of Harry was a crucial and important one. Also, as Rowling stated that when she had some serious message she wanted to give, she stated it in the words of Dumbledore or Hermione. His sacrifice was just so enormous and inspiring as well. :)

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Hope Kulsziski
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Post by Hope Kulsziski »

My favorite character is Sirius Black and Severus Snape
Angel Pevensie
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Post by Angel Pevensie »

My favorite character has been and always will be Harry Potter. He really has a good heart, brave and true. He's witty and has a strong will. In real life, he's probably that someone I'd want to marry ;)
Tambaqui Balthazar
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Post by Tambaqui Balthazar »

My favourite would have to be Ronald Weasley! I just love the character because he is essentially a relaxed character at the start and his transformation across the 7 books have been so amazing, even though that he had a bit of disagreement with Harry and Hermione, but he was one of those that would always forgive and forget for the better of their friendship and the greater good! He is witty, funny and intriguing!

My other character that many would hate, but I just love to hate her, everything she does just essentially makes you think how stupid or naive she maybe, and it's none other than Dolores Umbridge, I think essentially, the funny thing about her is when she think she had the upper hand or things going her way, that it turns sour quickly that her reaction is one you would laugh at! Yes she is so despised, but how can you not laugh at her stupidity! :lol:
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Chadwick Cadet
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Post by Chadwick Cadet »

Fred Weasley hands down! He's hilarious and a genius so he's just all around awesome. (Obviously this means that I like George as well, but Fred was always the best)

And then Luna would be my other favorite character - she was always easily the best part of the Ravenclaw house!
Siera Padfoot
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Post by Siera Padfoot »

There is no doubt that i have two fav characters. My first a foremost favorite character has to be Professor McGonagall for many reasons. For one, i feel like she is almost like a godmother, or even grandmother towards Harry. That she is always looking out for him no matter what. She seems to be very compassionate towards him, especially when it comes to his parents and how they were killed. Plus i absolutely love the first chapter in the first Harry Potter book. It really touched me how much McGonagall cared for Harry. She is also strong willed, talented, and funny at times. And there will all ways be a bond between her and Harry.

My second favorite character on the other hand, has to be Snape. He is such a well developed, well thought out character and plays a vital role in the story. And despite what everyone else may say, i think it is somewhat sweet that Snape looks after Harry, no matter how vicious he may be towards him. At the end of the day, Snape just wants to see Harry alive. Plus, i love how mysterious Snape is and how you really have to think about it to find out his true personality and the reasons why he does certain things. I still think that even with all the books written, we still don't know everything about him. And may never will. That's what makes him such an interesting character.
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