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Charley Felton
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Post by Charley Felton »

OK. So you've read all the books. You consider yourself a fan. ETC ETC ETC...

BUT If you really are a fan, you'd be able to answer this truthfully. WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER?

yeah, its an old question, but your answer speaks a lot about you, your morals, your ideas about life, etc...

So, who is your favorite character and why? :lol:

So, I forgot to answer xD

my favorite character is Draco, not just because he is yummy, but also because, well....he struggles a lot (esp in the later books) and he might not have been important in the story line of the first 5 books, other than being a nuisance, but when he does rise up, he does wrong, but is scared. just following his story is cool to me...i kno, im weird

but also, his annoying-ness is kind of cool. i feel like nobody really sees him for what he is. he is draco. he has problems. but hes also human.

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Hayley Harrison
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Post by Hayley Harrison »

The question of a favorite character is actually a difficult one, because so many of the characters have a lot of merit, and sometimes there are certain things you admire about a character, and other qualities you can't stand. My favorite character, cliche though it may be, is Hermione. The reasons for this are actually quite simple, from the very beginning, she was the character I identified with the most, not just in the Harry Potter series, but out of all I had read before. I first read the books in the 1st grade, and i grew up with the characters. At that age, I didn't have a lot of friends, I spent my free time reading, and struggling to manage my incredibly bushy and unruly curly hair. I felt an immediate connection to this character, and that connection has lasted. J.K. Rowling could not have designed a character more like me than Hermione. Hermione's character gave me the hope that I could find friends that liked me for me, and put up with my bookworm habits, and now, after graduating high school and getting ready to start college in few weeks, I've found those friends and become my own person, and even learned to subdue my hair, but Hermione still remains that one character that speaks to me personally, through all of her trials and experiences. I realize that sounds cheesy, but that's me. Anyway, that's my favorite character spiel.
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Tiffany Locke
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Post by Tiffany Locke »

Oh, my favorite character is easily Ginny Weasley. She is head strong, talented, defensive, and is just down right hilarious! I like people like that. Thats what Im like. I know what I want, and how to get it. I dont like taking trouble from people, and neither does Ginny. It also helps that she snags Harry Potter and is a ridiculously good Quidditch player. She is all around talented and awesome, and I cant help but picture her and me as the same. Also, she has the same birthday as my sister! If I can suggest a second favorite though, easily Fred and George, because they kind of count as one! :P
Trevor Williams
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Post by Trevor Williams »

I am going to have to agree with Hayley here. Originally, my favorite character was Harry Potter when I was younger. I think everyone at some point in books likes the main character a lot because they can connect to them the most and I mean, who doesn't like to see them save the day?! As I got older though, I started to analyze the books more and eventually, my favorite character changed to Hermione.

I know I can relate to her on so many more levels that I can to Harry. As we all know in the first book, she was a bit of a know-it-all and was bossy. She had no friends because of the way she came off. Now, I wasn't bossy like her, but I can relate to her not having many friends. Yes, I had friends when I was in elementary school and such, but now that I am older and look back on those days, I come to realize that I didn't have that many friends. I would constantly get picked on at school and made fun of. There's how I can relate to Hermione the most.

As she grows older, she becomes more mature and is content with her friends, Harry and Ron. Similarly to me, I am very content with the friends that I do have. She becomes more lenient on rule breaking, but she still is however, very bright and intelligent. I like to pride myself on my smarts as well. Not that I am a genius or anything (far from it lol), but I like to learn new things and I do enjoy going to class (but I wish they would give away with the homework!). She strives to be the best possible person she can be and I look up to her in that fact.

I also like Draco just as Charley does. He really isn't that bad of a guy when you look at him. Yes, he is mean to everyone and his father is a Death Eater and he was told to kill Dumbledore, but none of it was really what he chose. He was basically forced to do the things that he did. As you can see, he didn't kill Dumbledore and he wouldn't of. He was too scared to do something that evil.

So now I am just rambling and I apologize for the very long post. I am very excited to see who everyone else chose.
Lou Trix
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Post by Lou Trix »

I like many, since this is a very difficult question. I have to say, I love Fred Weasley, for some reason more then George... I mean, I've had the fantasy of marrying him and stuff :P There is just something different about him, compared to his twin, other then the fact he dies.... :(
Though I have to say, I admire Hermione the most, since she reminds me of me, or actually, she is the person I want to be. I've gotten sucked into the whole "clique" thing and lately I haven't been myself, and my real self is a lot like Hermione. So I get strength from her to be ME, and I really love it, she is the best support I have, so thank you Hermione (and J.K. Rowling)
My favorite quotes though come from Ron :P He is hilarious and cracks me up, he is the THING that keeps everyone together, like peanut butter in a sandwich :)
Lou Trix
Michael Boot
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Post by Michael Boot »

Personally, I like Luna. I liked how she was the only one able to calm Harry down during his fifth year when he was grieving the loss of his godfather. I also liked how everyone thought she was crazy and out of it, but she was actually a very intelligent and talented witch.
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Amy Charz
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Post by Amy Charz »

Nymphadora Tonks and Bellatrix Lestrange. :)

I love Tonks, mostly, I think, because of how she comes into the series. So, we've just read through a couple chapters of Harry moping around feeling miserable, and oh, look, dementors who were probably sent by Lord Voldemort attacked him. Not too much of a bright start is it? Enter Tonks: bright, cheerful, lighthearted, clumsy, and a metamorphagus. I think I loved her from the moment she first said "Wotcher, Harry." She only became more endearing to me after that. Later on, we find out that Tonks is a new recruit for the Order, having been too young to be in it the last time. Personally, I think that speaks loads for her. Not only did she believe Dumbledore that Voldemort was back, but she also took the next step and joined the resistance movement against him, knowing that if others found out she could easily lose her job as an auror. Then, of course, she falls in love with Remus. I had never for an INSTANT imagined that happening. I felt so sad for her in the 6th book, convinced with Hermione that she felt guilty for Sirius's death, and I was even starting to agree with Harry that she may have been in love with Sirius. Then, bam, battle, hospital wing, "I don't care either, I don't care!" I loved it. I felt for her the entire time. I was ecstatic for her throughout Deathly Hallows (minus the bit where Lupin was emo.) I just love her.

Bellatrix Lestrange. How can you not adore her? She's practically the representation of evil and cruelty. I'm not going to pretend I like her as a person, but I love her as a psycho character. I might also mention I'm a huge fan of the pairing of Bellatrix/Voldemort. Her obsessive love for Voldemort just makes my day. I feel bad about not writing as much for as Tonks but there isn't really that much to say. I love the character of Bellatrix Lestrange, psycho, evil death eater in love with the Dark Lord. :)
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Alie King
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Post by Alie King »

When I was younger it was Hermione, like my sister. But after I reread the books I could relate to Ron!! If I was ginger I would be a female version of him. I have alot of freckles, I am best friends with the two most popular kids in my grade, my mums an amazing cook and Mum, in my generation theres is only two boys (My brother, Stuart Draco, and my year old cousin Andrew) and I don't really pay attention in class and copy notes off my BFF!!!

Thats why Ronald Weasley is my favourite character!!

;) Alie
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Lauren Ashel
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Post by Lauren Ashel »

Hard question, but not when I really think about it. Hagrid. I mean, is there anyone out there who doesn't like Hagrid?! He is so awesome! He was there for harry from the beginning to the end! He was the one who drove Sirius's motorcycle and brought Harry to safety... if you can call it that. And SPOILER: he was the one who cared Harry's supposedly dead body back to the people. SPOILER He really is an idiot, but he always has great intentions! He can sometimes get a little too drunk, but where would the story be if he wasn't?! HAGRID ROCKS!!!
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Evangeline Force
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Post by Evangeline Force »

I quite like Prof. McGonagall, she is one tough cookie but she's brilliantly funny when she's giving the trio a telling off :P
Bebinn Eszes
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Post by Bebinn Eszes »

Severus Snape. He's a wonderful anti-hero and those are what I love. He is complex and developed and a wonderful example of what you can do with a character. I'd go on and ramble, but this keeps it spoiler free.
Feanen Ashling
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Post by Feanen Ashling »

My three favourite characters are Tonks, Luna and Lupin... I was not a happy bunny come the end of DH. .___.
Sirithre Leylnn
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Post by Sirithre Leylnn »

Snape. Definitely Snape.
For similar reasons as Bebinn Eszes.

He's quite the developed character, and I can relate to some of the issues of his past, and the turmoil of love lost in the present.
And generally being misunderstood.

There was definitely a lot of effort put into his character, though.

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Murkolo Rell
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Post by Murkolo Rell »

My absolute favorite charater is Snape, I can relate to him, not being one of the "coolest" in school and having people like James around.

How I hate James and Sirius. They are the one reason I'm glad I wasn't sorted into Gryffindor, even though I have no problem with the house itself. I just didn't want to have anything in common with them.
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Geneva Masen
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Post by Geneva Masen »

I have three favorites. One is Hermione, for most of the reasons already mentioned. She is a smart, strong character with whom I can identify and I admire.

Second is Remus Lupin-he's another long-suffering character, but isn't bitter about it...up until he was acting stupid in DH (I didn't like much him then). But a guy who is compassionate, clever, and always gives out chocolate-what's not to like? Actually, I sort of fancy him *blush*.

Third is Snape. So brilliantly characterized, so complex, and so tragic! A lot of people cried over everything in DH, but the only part where I cried was when Harry was looking at his memories (if you haven't read that part, READ IT! It puts everything into perspective). That says it all.
Tensai Seiryuu
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Post by Tensai Seiryuu »

My favourite character is definitely Remus Lupin. He was the smartest one of the Marauders and always had useful advice.
I also like Luna Lovegood, 'cause she's the most positively crazy character in the series :D Whenever she'd appear in a scene in one of the books, she only needs to say 2 words and I'm already rolling on the floor!
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Ianto Maddock
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Post by Ianto Maddock »

My favorite character has been Sirius Black for a VERY long time. Ever since his introduction at the beginning of Prisoner of Azkaban, even before it was revealed that he was a good guy. I'm not sure why. Sometimes that just happens to me. I know that I love a character the first time I read their name. (It happened that way with Strider/Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, Simon in Lord of the Flies, and George Cooper in Song of the Lioness). As for why I continued to like him, I suppose because of how he is portrayed as a mixture of strength and instability. It gives him depth.
Celyn Benai
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Post by Celyn Benai »

My favorite character is definitely Draco. And not because he's nice to look at, but because he's so fascinating. There is depth underneath his snarky attitude and general jerkiness. All he really wants to to be admired, but doesn't go about it the right way. He doesn't respect many people... but if you gained his respect, I believe he'd be a great friend. Draco grows up the hard way during the last couple of books, and he experiences a lot of pain and fear. But this serves to bring out strength and determination we've never seen in him before. He'd do anything to save his own life, which some may consider selfish, but it's not a bad thing necessarily. Draco is nowhere near perfect, he's cruel and rather narcissistic at times, but he's not a terrible person.

Can you tell I have a bit of a crush on him? ;)
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Hollie Connor
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Post by Hollie Connor »

Neville <3
He's such an underdog, and I always love the underdogs. He was such a good friend to the trio, and of course he helped them win the house cup in the first book ;)
And he brings the lulz.
Lily Diggory
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Post by Lily Diggory »

Luna Lovegood. I just love her. She's funny, quirky and cute. The way she values her friends so much is lovely. She's also brave and a member of my second favourite house, Ravenclaw!!
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