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Welcome Future Achievers!

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:15 pm
by Prof. Gustavo Flores
Welcome dancers!!!

I'm glad that you have found the way to our Classroom and Class Forum!

Career Advice: Planning your Future is a One-Term Class in which we will study different characteristics about human beings that play an important role when choosing a career. You will also learn about different kind of magical jobs and subjects so by the end of the class you will be able to make an informed decision of what you want to do when your magical education is over.

This is my office, in which some discussions and/or extra credit will be held. Also, I will keep track of your homework submissions, and other stuff related to the class. Please treat your classmates, and teacher nicely and respectfully. That way we won't have any problems and we will enjoy our time here much more!

While taking Career Advice: Planning your Future, please remember:

This class gives you the opportunity to earn up to 300 points the following way:

* 4 Assignments (30 points each) = 120 points
* 4 Extra Credits (30 points each) = 120 points
* Final Exam = 60 points

Total = 300 points

However, to pass this class and earn a Quill you only need to earn 180 points, I repeat 180 points (150 points will not make it!), and some portion of those points should come from the Mandatory Section of the Final Exam.

The Class is divided in four different lessons, following the next schedule:

* Lesson 1: Magical Classes
* Lesson 2: Personality
* Lesson 3: Intelligence
* Lesson 4: Values and Magical Jobs

Despite having a monthly design, you are free to turn in all of your work by the end of term, specifcally by June 17th, 2018. So take your time and make sure to make the best career decision! Your future is important!!

Send your HW and EC in the same e-mail, just label it correctly including the following: Number of Homework - HOL ID - House. Example: HW 1 - pr_gus - Ravenclaw.

Class e-mail:

Career Advice: Planning your Future also gives you the opportunity to earn up to 4 special awards!!! However it is your job to find out how to earn them! I can only tell you that if you work hard and remain active in the class, by the end of term you will surely find more than one added to your Treasures! ;)

Finally, if you have any question, petition, suggestion or anything else, I ask you to post it in our class forum or send it to me through a HOL message (My HOL ID is pr_gus). Please do not send it to the class e-mail because chances are I won't see it on time. I only check the class e-mail in a weekly/monthly basis so if it is something urgent it will probably be too late by the time I see it.

I believe this is all for now! Thanks for your attention and for choosing this class! :) I'm very excited to help you and see what you have to say and share in stuff regarding your magical career interests.

Wishing you a terrific term!! I'm sure we'll have a great time!!

Prof. Gustavo Flores

Re: Welcome Future Achievers!

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 7:31 pm
by Prof. Gustavo Flores
Dear students,

The information above remains true for the Spring Term 2018!

Welcome to the class!!! Hope you have a happy term! :D