Frogkisser! Prologue to Chapter 9

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Frogkisser! Prologue to Chapter 9

Post by Sky Alton » Wed May 01, 2019 11:04 am

She very rarely cried, but being brave all the time took an enormous amount of effort. Sometimes she just got tired of keeping everything together.
Here we’ll be discussing the prologue and chapters 1 through 9 of ‘Frogkisser!’

With the exception of the matriarch of the royal dogs, Anya doesn't really have much access to what you might call a responsible adult (Gottfreid is hardly suitable). This is a trope we see a lot in children’s and YA literature: the students of Hogwarts are left to their own devices an awful lot, after all. Do you think denying a protagonist like Anya adult supervision is a good way to force them to be independent or is it just quite narratively convenient so that they can go off on quests without gaining permission?

We see Anya wrestling with some very excitable words that might decide to escape: spoilers are very similar. Make sure you keep on top of them by using spoiler tags when talking about specifics of the plot.
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