Frogkisser! Chapter 29 to Epilogue

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Frogkisser! Chapter 29 to Epilogue

Post by Sky Alton » Wed May 01, 2019 10:58 am

What do you mean, someone else?
Here we’ll be discussing the remaining chapters of ‘Frogkisser!’, including the epilogue. You can also use this thread to talk about the book as a whole now you’ve finished it.

We’ve reached the end of Anya’s story (at least for now). Not all the loose ends have been tied up but what do you think to the resolutions we did get? Do you think that Anya has grown as a person through becoming ‘The Frogkisser’? Will she be able to act on all the new desires she discovered during her quest (those niggling possibilities of ‘doing other things as well’), now that her responsibilities most definitely have been increased?

Don’t forget your own responsibilities to other readers: even here, please use spoiler tags.
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