The Neverending Story: Prologue - Chapter 5

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The Neverending Story: Prologue - Chapter 5

Post by Prof. Gustavo Flores » Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:22 am

In this thread we are going to discuss all the events that happen in the prologue and the first five chapters of the book. Bastian is a lonely boy who thinks his life is miserable and the only thing that makes him happy is reading. For him, a book is a way to escape from his reality. What’s your relation with your books? Like Bastian, are they a way to escape for little while? Are they a way to keep you entertained? Are they the doors to new knowledge? Are they your detonators of creativity and inspiration?

Further on, we are introduced to the land of Fantastica. Which are your first insights about this new land and its creatures?

These are just some questions to get the discussion starting, but remember you can write about anything you want of these chapters.

We know that spoilers can kill any reading experience, so please, let’s all be nice and friendly, and don’t forget to use the spoilers tag when discussing specific information about the book.
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Re: The Neverending Story: Prologue - Chapter 5

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:04 pm

I have a copy from the library! :cheer:

A kid is hiding from the world-as-he-knows it. He has a vivid imagination and isn't appreciated by those around him in his school. It's a dark and stormy day ...

One of the first things I notice is this:
He didn't like books in which dull, cranky writers describe humdrum events in the very humdrum lives of humdrum people. Reality gave him enough of that kind of thing, why should he read about it? Besides, he couldn't stand it when a writer tried to convince him of something. And these humdrum books, it seemed to him, were always trying to do just that.
Bastian liked books that were exciting, or funny, or that made him dream. Books where made-up characters had marvelous adventures, books that made him imagine all sorts of things.
That bodes well for continuing to read the book! When I get into the story more,I am reminded, somehow, of Lord of the Rings and the encounter with the trolls.I don't know why. But this is definitely not a book which talks of humdrum things. Nope.
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