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Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 1:27 am
by Arianna Stonewater
Hello! I am a Fifth year Slytherin Prefect and Hollers Co-Head. In addition to Puzzles 101, I am also teaching Marauders 101. I love HOL so much, and puzzles are my favorite thing! Its tough to say if I have more fun making them or solving them.

IRL I'm 30 and am a stay at home mom to my daughter who was born June 2017 and my husband is a Pastor. Aside from Harry Potter, I love Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, The Dark Tower series, Star Wars....and much more! I love conversations so feel free to contact me about anything!

In this topic you can introduce yourself to your other classmates. While it is not required for any class points, anyone taking Puzzles 101 who introduces themselves will earn 10 beans.

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Re: Introductions

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 2:31 am
by Iverian Gnash
Hey everyone! I'm Iverian Gnash, a second-year Gryffindor Prefect (which desperately wants to auto-correct to perfect so I'll be a 'perfect prefect' then :lol:). I took this class because I absolutely love puzzles and it seems like it'll be a lot of fun!!! I'm teaching three classes this term, which is my first time actually teaching so wish me luck! My hobbies include HOL (obviously :P), reading (science fiction is my favorite though I'm been branching off recently and checking out some other genres), and knitting, along with quite a few other random things :lol: I hope everyone has a great term!