Summer News and Awards


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Summer News and Awards

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Happy summer holidays HOL! I hope you're all soaking up the last of the break before fall term begins!

I'd like to start out by apologizing for the lateness, we normally like this to go out at the beginning of July, but real life and staff adjustments moved things around for us!

Now, a round of applause to all who earned house points this year! Your HoHs, Head Students, and Prefects are proud of you!! With a special mention of course to Ravenclaw, who beat out Slytherin by just under 3000 points!

Before I get to the news and awards, I'd like to thank the HOLLERS staff (Anna Snape, Maxim Trevelyan, Polaris Black, Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, Prof. Tarma Amelia Black, and Will Lestrange) for all of their work this year. I hope you all have a great summer and come back refreshed for another year!

Normally I would have some summer news for you, but most things are wrapping up, so how about I just skip right to do the good part....the awards!

HOLLERS members earn Hoots for participating in club activities. For each activity, challenge, or something of the kind, Hoots are offered. We keep track of Hoots in a spreadsheet and at the end of each term, the top three (non-staff) earners win the Hoot Award.

I am happy to announce first the winners of Hoot Award for Fall Term…

Third place with 385 Hoots goes to February Fortescue!
Second place with 520 Hoots goes to Iverian Gnash!
First place with 595 Hoots goes to Emily Spencer!

Now for our Spring Term winners…

Third place with 425 Hoots goes to Emily Spencer!
Second place with 451 Hoots goes to Mia Fountain!
First place with 461 Hoots goes to Lorainia Riverrider!

In addition to the HOOTS award, HOLLERS offers an aptly named HOLLERS Award to those who are particularly active participants. This year's HOLLERS Award goes to:

-Iverian Gnash
-Lorainia Riverrider
-Emily Spencer

Finally, I'd like you all to congratulate Maxim Trevelyan who is stepping up to be Hollers Co-Head!

Congratulations to all award winners and HOLLERS staff for an amazing year, we'll see you soon with more tasks and challenges!

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