March Newsletter

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March Newsletter

Post by Arianna Stonewater » Fri Mar 01, 2019 5:37 am

Spring is on it's way, I can just FEEL it!! (ok, it actually FEELS more like wishful thinking because it still definitely FEELS like winter on the NE Coast of the US!!!) As we think some warm thoughts, here is some news to distract you from the cold!:

Here are the current point standings, knowing there is still plenty of time to earn more before the end of the year:


Hollers News
For those who don't know, HOLLERS is a fun club open to all the houses! We have a points system called "HOOTS" which you can earn by completing activities! At the end of the term you can earn the aptly named "HOOT Award" by getting lots of HOOTS!

Every month, we will post 3 new puzzles in our Monthly Challenges and different prompts in the Creative Outlet sections of the HOLLERS Forum!

You are welcome to participate and post in The Scrapbook. We've a place for you to put your HOL Memories! Click to read more. You can also work on your writing in our Inspirational Categories section.

House News
As a reminder, every common room must be signed up for separately from the main HOL Forums. You can join every common room, though you will only have full access to your own house's forums. There are still many fun things you can do when visiting others though:

Gryffindor is gearing up for some fun later this spring, but in the meantime join them on a quest to earn some Rubies!!. Read more about it in the newest Pawprint issue -- hot off the presses!

Hufflepuff just finished up a Valentine's activity, but they're not slouching! A new activity, called JIG IT is starting up with some fun jigsaws featuring Ireland!! Visit the Games Tent -- aka DoHGaS (Huffle Department of Games and Sports) and see what new opportunities to earn Diamonds!

As always, Ravenclaw has their Debate Club and folks from all Houses are welcome to come give their opinions. (Debate Club). The Roost will be having its annual Ravenclaw Pride Month (Eagles only) but everyone is invited to send in nominations for their end of year awards! A forum with more info should be up soon, but you can check out last year's winners to get an idea of the categories! The Alte will have a new issue out soon, so look out for that!

Slytherin has just finished up their Winter Activity, but the fun continues with the Harry Potter Read-Along tasks and trivia. They're also still running the Puzzle Exchange and Gobstones Club where you can enjoy different things to do and earn Scales at the same time.

News From Around HOL
Book Club
Book Club is offering the chance to earn 50 beans by participating in their Reading Treasure Map activity. For the month of March they will be reading and discussing "Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow" by Katherine Woodfine. They are always looking for more recommendations too, so if you have one send it to hol.bookclub @ (without the spaces.) Quick Quotes has also started back up!

Gatherings and Games will be having another session this month, click here for more info!

Quidditch- We have two House games scheduled for March, you can check the schedule here: Quidditch Schedule. A Seeking tournament has popped up again, Be alert for Quidditch Pick-ups! The next game is Thursday, March 7th, 3:30 am HOL time. That is, for folks in the USA and on Eastern Time, 10:30 pm Wednesday and for those on Pacific Time, 7:30 pm Wednesday. You do NOT need to be a Quidditch player to attend! Come join us for some fun and a brand new Quod game! :D

*Special thank-you to Gail Allen, Prof. Tarma Amelia Black, Sky Alton, and Will Lestrange for giving me the info!*

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