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October Newsletter

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September had passed and with it the beginning of the school year frenzy. Currently, Slytherin is in first place, Hufflepuff follows them on second, third place is being held by Ravenclaw with Gryffindor coming in last. But do not be afraid, points are forever changing and we are only in the second month.

Gathering and Games is coming back in October! Prof. Amy Lupin and Sky Alton say to carefully watch the thread for an upcoming announcement about the start.

Book Club
In the month of October, The HOL Book Club will be reading The Paladin Prophecy by Mark Frost. You are welcome to join the discussion here.

Quidditch season is still not upon us, but there are Quidditch Pickups to be had. After a successful first September pickup, the next one is on October 4th at 3:30 am HOL time. All HOLers welcome, regardless of their skill!

It is October which means Gryffindor are unleashing Gryfftoberfest. This is a huge celebration in the month of October where everyone is invited to play games, cause Gryffindor Tower to groan under the weight of many ‘tasteful’ decorations and drink truly inhuman quantities of butterbeer, all in the name of celebrating Gryffindor. While this month is all about being leonine, they are proud to throw the doors open to every HOLer, be they snake, badger, eagle or something else altogether. Games and challenges will be released every few days starting on October 1st!

You can still join the activity The Supporting Cast of Harry Potter. All activities are due October 10th.

Hufflepuff also offers monthly challenges for diamonds (and sometimes beans) in their Department of Huffle Games and Sports.

Keep your eyes peeled for the annual Huffleween. Who knows what the badgers will be up to this year, but it will surely be an adventure.

There will be an exciting "Trick and Treat in the Roost" activity that will be open to all of HOL members.

Alte will be accepting submissions until the 10th of October and then some time after that, the paper will be coming out.

The Head Office will be looking for members to join the Inquisitorial Squad in the Dungeons starting October 1st to bust a rumored Slyth-o-ween party!

Additionally, all are welcome to join in Slytherin’s Read-along. The snakes and guests are working their way through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Book. Read-a-long brings activities and daily trivia. You are also welcomed to visit the Slug Clubs for even more fun!

The SerpenTimes is also accepting submissions from all houses until October 15th. Their theme is Community and there are 90 points for grabs, 50 from usual submissions and 40 from SerpenTimes Exclusives.

As always, a new start of the month means new monthly challenges, which you can find here. They are a great opportunity for earning yourself a nice amount of Hoots and sometimes, even beans.

Creative Outlet is back with three new challenges concerning Wizarding Careers. In October, you will step into the shoes of a magizoologist, broom maker and herbologist. There is also a chance to get some pretty awards with Inspirational Categories. We accept stories and graphics, old and new!

That is it for October news, but new things are always popping up around HOL. Special thanks to Sky Alton, Gail Allen and Arianna Stonewater for making this newsletter possible.

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