Summer News and Awards, Oh My!

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Summer News and Awards, Oh My!

Post by Maxim Trevelyan » Mon Jul 02, 2018 5:45 pm

Happy summer holidays HOL!

First, I would like to congratulate Ravenclaw for their House Cup win, Slytherin Quidditch Team, who was incredible in Quidditch and each and every person who earned points for their house, no matter how much or how little, you all contributed to your house's fight for glory.

Now, I would like to present a letter from HOLLERS Head Polaris Black:

“Kim and I just wanted to give the HOLLERS staff a big shout out for yet another amazing year! Many thanks to Arianna Stonewater, Bull Johnson, Prof. Tarma Amelia Black, and Maxim Trevelyan; you have each stepped up at different times and picked up the slack. And of course, Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, who never fails to lend a hand when needed. We are lucky to be part of such a creative and dedicated team of professionals. Enjoy your summer because we’re looking forward to another incredible year!”

Onto summer news. HOLLERS staff is going on vacation, meaning no challenges or Creative Outlet tasks will be posted during the summer. However, all HOL is welcome to join us in Backpacking 'round the World on July 2nd. Hoots and beans for all participants! You can also complete prompts in Inspirational Categories to get sweet awards.

Book Club
HOL Book Club is hosting an activity The History of the Word. At the behest of one of the wizarding world’s Leading Book Emporiums, The HOL Book Club are heading back in time to look at how communication for muggles and wizards alike has evolved from the very beginning. There will be weekly tasks (the first going up on July 2nd) and the chance to earn yourself 120 house points so be sure to lend them your expertise.

If you fancy something more relaxing, the Book Club is also running a Summer Reading Challenge starting on July 8th where you will be able to pledge the amount of books you would like to read this summer. Who would not want to immerse themselves in fictional worlds and earn a shiny HOL award for it?

For those Quidditch enthusiasts, Quidditch Board is hosting another Summer Quidditch League. Keep an eye on the forum here and join a team for probably Quaffle or Snitch play, forum activities or other broom games.

On July 1st, Gryffindor will be scaling up their questing activity for the summer, giving you the chance to explore 6 exciting locations and earn a legendary item by showing your metal as a hero. There are 12 tasks to complete (ranging from puzzles to creative) and you have until August 31st to do as many as you like, earn up to 400 beans and potentially save your home from a terrifying evil.

Hufflepuff will be hosting new DoHGaS during the summer, so keep an eye here. You are also welcome to join posting games and discussions in The Fireplace.

Eagles will offer their traditional Summer Camp, which will take place in July and August. All HOL members will be able to participate, so make an account at The Roost if you have not already and join in the fun.

As they just finished running a very fun activity, Slytherin will be a little quieter during the summer, but you are still welcome to stop by the Puzzle Exchange and the GOBstones Club.

Special thanks to Sky Alton, Gail Allen and Prof. Amy Lupin for house news!

Now onto something equally as exciting...awards!

To borrow words from our HOLLERS head, Polaris:
HOLLERS members earn Hoots for participating in club activities. For each activity, challenge, or something of the kind, Hoots are offered. We keep track of Hoots in a spreadsheet and at the end of each term, the top three earners win the Hoot Award.
I am happy to announce first the winners of Hoot Award for Fall Term…

Third place with 498 Hoots goes to Kendra Givens and Maxim Trevelyan!
Second place with 673 Hoots goes to Vanessa Tilley!
First place with 803 Hoots goes to Shiloh Adlar!

Now for our Spring Term winners…

Third place with 245 Hoots goes to Anna Snape!
Second place with 330 Hoots goes to Shadow Gaunt!
First place with 570 Hoots goes, once again, to Shiloh Adlar!

However, this is not the end! HOLLERS offers an aptly named HOLLERS Award to those members who are particularly active participants.

November award goes out to our very own HOLLERS co-Head, Polaris Black. Not only she runs HOLLERS with Kim like a well-tuned instrument, she also participates in each and every challenge we have to the very best of her abilities. Bravo Polaris!

Prof. Gustavo Flores is HOLLERS award winner for December! He is very friendly and hard-working, qualities HOLLERS is looking for and tries his very best in all monthly challenges.

January’s award goes to Shadow Gaunt! Throughout the year, she showed consistency in turning in challenges and creative submissions and gives out just incredible art pieces.

Resyarrina Elora is the winner for February! Another active first year, her participation in everything HOLLERS blew our staff away.

March belongs to Arianna Stonewater, an amazing HOLLERS assistant. She is really active in HOLLERS, always participating in challenges when she can. If she cannot, then she offers them, from mischievously evil to relaxing, more doable ones. All that coupled with general activity, friendship and kindness she exhibits towards her and other houses is the reason behind the win.

We have a double whammy in April, with Astaria Rivers and Siobhan Sullivan as HOLLERS winners. Both are trying their best at creative and puzzle challenges and are slowly becoming active either in their houses' common rooms, HOL Forum or both, which can only be applauded.

Anna Snape is the winner of May’s HOLLERS award. Anna is a stalwart of the monthly challenges and always solves them with a quickness and thoroughness that suggests a scarily logical brain resides in this quiet snake.

Last, but certainly not least, June award goes to Ingvild Ogden. Ingvild is very active in challenges, which is amazing given the fact that she joined really late in the year. Even when she is facing a difficult puzzle, she tries her best, so just for perseverance and her determination she was given the HOLLERS award.

Congratulations to all award winners and HOLLERS staff for an amazing year!

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