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April Newsletter

Post by Maxim Trevelyan » Sun Apr 01, 2018 12:28 am

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to HOLLERS’ April Newsletter! Class sign-ups are opened throughout the school year, so if you have not applied for any classes yet, or you want to apply for more, you are more than welcome to click that sign-up button and get your house some points.

In other HOL news, old members and new are invited to new Gathering and Games, hosted by Sky Alton and Prof. Amy Lupin, which will be hosted on 29th April from 5pm to 8pm on IRC in #gamesroom channel.

Book Club
Book Club is still going strong with its Monthly Book Discussions. In April, HOL will read When You Reach Me by the author Rebecca Stead. You can still join and participate in Book Bingo, for a chance of beans and a nice award.

Quidditch News
April is quite a Quidditch month! On April 14th, Slytherin Snakes will take on Hufflepuff Badgers and on April 21st, Ravenclaw Eagles will face against Gryffindor Lions.

Next Quidditch Pickup will be on April 1st at 10pm HOL time. All people, those new and those with more experience, are welcome in #quidditch.

Gryffindors are celebrating the launch of their new monthly activity, "Gone Questing". Open to all of HOL, it is a chance for you to venture off into the unknown to win fame, renowned and priceless treasures (also some beans). Every month there will be a new quest and you also have the chance to design your own bold adventurer.

Hufflepuff’s Department of Huffle Games and Sports is going strong, as always, with three new challenges awaiting you in April. Keep checking it out for an opportunity to get some diamonds and beans.

You are always welcome to participate in smaller games and discussions in The Fireplace.

The deadline for Alte Sententiam just passed, so keep your eyes open for a new edition coming out really soon.

Debate is open to all HOLers where you can participate in such topics as Paper vs. Digital Books and Liquid vs. Bar Soap.

Prank Wars have just been unleashed onto The Roost people from all over HOL vying to be the next Troublemakers in Chief! Do not forget to sign up and participate in what is promised to be a hilarious experience on the halls of Roost and HOL.

Snakes’ Spring Scavenger Hunt is ending on April 6th, so you still have some time if you want to participate in the activity.

Harry Potter Read-Along is still ongoing with new tasks and trivia being released every week.

Puzzle Exchange is always looking for enthusiastic people to make and solve different puzzles.

You can always reserve an article or a graphic for SerpenTimes!

New month means new monthly challenges. Solve them to get Hoots and possibly beans, if people offer them.

Creative Outlet also issued new artistic challenges. April Fools gives you the opportunity to tell a story about a prank, Haiku Poetry Day will make your poetry imagination run and you will have an opportunity to color a page for Astronomy Day. There is also an opportunity for awards if you complete any Inspirational Categories. We accept stories and graphics, old and new!

That is it for April, but new things are always popping up around HOL. Special thanks to Sky Alton, Prof. Amy Lupin and Gail Allen for making this newsletter possible.

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