Awards, Acknowledgements and Farewells


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Awards, Acknowledgements and Farewells

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Happy summer holidays HOL! I hope you are all taking a well-deserved break from the one doozy of a school year.

Now, a round of applause to all who earned house points this year! Your Heads of Houses, Deputies, Head Students, and Prefects are very much proud of you.

This was one heck of a year for points earning and every house did their best! Congratulations to Ravenclaw for another top spot amongst the houses, Gryffindor for the second place, Slytherin for their perseverance in third and true to their house values, the badgers worked hard and emerged with a very respectable total as well.


As you may know, HOLLERS members earn Hoots for participating in club activities. For each activity, challenge, or something of the kind, Hoots are offered. We keep track of Hoots in a spreadsheet and at the end of each term, the top three (non-staff) earners win the Hoot Award.

I am happy to announce first the winners of the Hoot Award for Fall Term:

Third place with 265 Hoots goes to Emily Spencer!
Second place with 285 Hoots goes to Kendra Givens!
First place with 379 Hoots goes to Mia Fountain!

Now for our Spring Term winners:

Third place with 315 Hoots goes to Hannah Lovegood!
Second place with 330 Hoots goes to Mia Fountain!
First place with 400 Hoots goes to Emily Spencer!

In addition to the Hoot award, HOLLERS offers an aptly named HOLLERS Award to those who are particularly active participants. This year's HOLLERS Award goes to:

Emily Spencer and Mia Fountain for their amazing hard work and wonderful contributions in the Fall Term.

Aurelia West, Hannah Lovegood and Silvana Mandeville for keeping us all amazed when submitting fast puzzle solutions, creative beautiful artwork for the Outlet and just general well-rounded activity in the Spring Term.

Congratulations to all award winners and HOLLERS staff for an amazing year!


Sadly, the time has come to say goodbye to HOLLERS. All of the staff are immensely proud of everything the club has achieved in the name of bringing HOL members closer together and providing a space for people to relax together. We would like to thank each and every person who has ever taken part. We might have brought the fun, but you brought the magic.

As Prof. Will Lestrange put it: “It has been an honour to work with HOLLERS for these past few years! Thanks for all the memories, and I hope the spirit of puzzles, creativity, and constrained writing lives on!”

Indeed, it has been such a pleasure to provide you with puzzles and creative tasks, with an occasional activity and being the place where all houses could come together.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

~~~ The HOLLERS staff ~~~
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Re: Awards, Acknowledgements and Farewells

Post by Iverian Gnash »

I appreciate everything HOLLERS has been and I'm sad to see it go, but you guys have been legendary! Thank you to all the HOLLERS staff that have worked tirelessly to bring us spectacular fun for the last seven years. I've immensely enjoyed all the amazing activities, puzzles, and all the creatively creative tasks you all have brought to us. A HUGE thanks to all of you for your awesomeness! :wub:
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Re: Awards, Acknowledgements and Farewells

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Thank you for the years of HOLLERS fun! Shout outs those who have been with us from the beginning at our lovely purple forum, participating in our larger Summer Camp and BINGO activities, and helping us make Polaris Black's idea for a Fantastic Beast activity a success! It's been a blast!
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Re: Awards, Acknowledgements and Farewells

Post by Emily Spencer »

Thank you so much for all the fun! It makes me sad that HOLLERS is ending, but I’m very glad to have been a part of it, no matter how small.
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