Character Development 2: Characterful Collage

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Character Development 2: Characterful Collage

Post by Sky Alton » Sat Feb 01, 2020 5:28 pm

While it’s not necessary to know ‘everything’ about your character to write a convincing story about them, it can help you with consistency if you have a good sense of what makes them tick. While you probably aren’t going to be able to incorporate all of your characters likes and dislikes into the narrative (and trust me, you don’t want to), it will help to know them if a chance to drop them in does come up organically while you’re writing. Collages and mood boards are a great way of bringing lots of different elements into one cohesive whole. They might also be able to help you highlight the contradictions in your characters personality that could make for interesting scenes later on.

Make a photo montage of things that form part of your characters life. You could include favourite food, the clothes they favour, any pets they have and any pictures related to their career or interests. You could also incorporate more abstract things, like the colour scheme that best represents them or pictures that act as symbols of their values or fears.
Your work needs to be original: taking something off the internet and claiming it as your own is plagiarism. Remember to keep everything HOL appropriate, adhering to all HOL rules, and please keep your submissions 600x600 pixels or smaller. Please also include a short description of your image.

You'll earn 20 beans for completing this prompt as well as it counting towards the chance to snag our shiny Ink Splatters Award.

There is no deadline as such for these prompts but if you’d like it to count towards your chance of earning the award for a specific year, we’ll need it by the end of that school year. If you’re comfortable sharing, then post below. If not, email your image and description to us via hol.bookclub @ (without the spaces).
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Re: Character Development 2: Characterful Collage

Post by Isa Vestal » Mon Jun 01, 2020 1:45 am


This collage of Kian Faye highlights her style, appearance, and her hobbies of gardening, journaling, and baking as well as her love for lizards and witchcraft.

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