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Prompts Index and Information

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Thu May 30, 2019 6:07 pm

Welcome to Ink Splatters Prompts Index and Information.

We have in here, for your convenience, a link to The Graphics Garden and links to the most recent prompts.

General information
You can earn 20 beans for each prompt completed. To win the coveted Ink Splatters Award, you must complete 7 prompts over a particular school year. This can include any new or past prompts and submissions to The Graphics Garden. You may submit to a prompt more than once -- providing your submission is sufficiently different to your first one it can still count. However you may not complete a particular prompt twice in one year. (You may complete any prompt more than once in a given year, but any subsequent submissions in a given year will not earn credit for the award.) Neither prompts or graphic submissions have a deadline but to count towards an award for a particular school year, they must be completed before the end of the Spring Term of that year.

The Graphics Garden (Sharing Space)
This is where you share any book-related artwork you’ve been working on. Whether it’s an illustration for a piece of your own writing or something that has been inspired by someone else’s story, we’d love to see it!

These simply give you a theme or starting point for a creation of yours. You are welcome to come up with something of your own or use any of the extensive library of old ones below.

On Display
Ink-redible Destinations
A Cover is Not the Book
Magical Merchandise
Make a Mark
Business Cards
Fictional Feasts
Wordy Wanderings
Word Creatures
Literary Mom
Superself Names
The Sketchbook of Impossible Things
Sunny Days
Castles in the Air
Terrific Merge
A Decade to Remember
Out of this World Book Covers!
Happy Holidays
Filling our Spaces with Books
Where the Magic Begins
Character Crest
Design a Poster for a Book of your Choice
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