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The Graphics Garden (Sharing Space)

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Sat Feb 25, 2017 7:01 pm


You pause at the top of a flight of steps in white marble. Before you, a wide vista of sloping lawns and terraces of exquisitely planted flower beds opens out. As you climb down, you realise that the banisters have been carved into the likeness of unfurled scrolls and the elegant pillars at the ends into that of quill pens. Immediately in front of you is a graceful statue of a goddess reclining. A little way on is a sculpture made of abstract, swirling shapes in brightly painted metal. Beyond that, you find a sparkling pond, rimmed with a collection of comfortable wicker work chairs, tables and easels. Off to one side is a low bench, covered with a rainbow of paints, inks, pastels, pens and pencils and tools ranging from brushes to chisels to tablets. Which will you choose?

Welcome to the Graphics Garden!

This is your space to share any book-related artwork you’ve been working on. Whether it’s an illustration for a piece of your own writing or something that has been inspired by someone else’s story, we’d love to see it!

Before you get creating, there are a few things we’d like you to keep in mind:
1. Everything posted must be HOL-appropriate
2. No image, on any account, should exceed 600 by 600 pixels.
3. We’d like you to provide a short description of your image, what scene/character/thing/concept it depicts and its significance to your story or your source material. This helps those of us who can’t see it for whatever reason and increases everyone’s understanding and appreciation of your work.

Okay, that’s it, go get scribbling!

While you’re in a creative mood, why not check out the Sharing Spaces over on Quill and Ink and let us experience the story behind the image?

~ post written by Sky Alton, graphic supplied by Amy Lupin - Tarma
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