The Evolution of a World

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The Evolution of a World

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Mon Oct 14, 2019 7:02 pm

Sometimes, picking up and reading a book, the world in which is it set seems complete and static, and stays the same throughout the book -- and even throughout the series of books if it ends up being several books or a series. One such book would be The Hunger Games, set in Panem, where the physicality of the world in which the stories take place is pretty much clear from the beginning of the stories. The actual physical world is limited in scope, and not dwelt upon as a part of the stories. Another book, series of books, which have a basic location and physicality is the Divergent books. You know, from the beginning, almost all about the world in which the stories are set.

Compared to this are the worlds which you encounter, in say a book like The Hobbit, where the world appears to unfold and grow larger as the story progresses through the other books - The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King (and other books of that series). More and more of Middle Earth is revealed as the adventures continue.

Another example of the unfolding of a world is to read the books of Tortall, starting with Alanna's books, and then continuing on with the stories of Daine, and Kel and 'Terrier'. Starting with just a simple story of a lass going to be a knight, from the countryside to the city -- then progressing to where the stories unfold over several countries and even across the sea, Tortall is expanded into a wonderful world, and realm, for the reader as the adventures continue.

What kind of stories, what kind of world-building, do you prefer? Do you have a distinct preference for a world which is already 'made' and the main content is the story line of the people involved?

Do you enjoy reading more of the books and finding out more about the world in which the stories are set?

What books have you read where the expansion 'a' book into several books or even a series of books, have helped to keep you reading on?

Tell us! Your response should be at least 200 words in length to count for beans and towards the Literati Award. Please be sure to keep your post HOL appropriate. Also, remember to use spoiler tags if you’re discussing specific parts of story plots. Who knows but you writing about the book will encourage someone else to read it! And they don't need to know 'the butler did it'.

These prompts, just like our library of prompts, are worth 20 beans each. While our celebration of world-building technically ends at the end of January when we pick another theme, you can complete these prompts whenever you feel like it.
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