Book review: One Of Us Is Next

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Book review: One Of Us Is Next

Post by Lizzi Long » Mon Jan 13, 2020 1:41 pm

Title of the book: One Of Us Is Next
Authors: Karen M. McManus
Series: One Of Us Is Lying
Genres: YA Murder Mystery
Short summary of the story:
18 months after the events of One Of Us Is Lying, Bayview High is still recovering. Until Unknown shows up and plays Truth or Dare with the entire school, and it turns lethal. Truth reveals your darkest secrets, Dare can be deadly. And it's played via text.

Good points / bad points:
I am enjoying this book. The first part of the book is very slow, and it's mostly setting up for the second half. Our three main characters are Knox, Phoebe and Maeve. I personally thought that they were very similar. We did not have to have their separate perspectives. Only one of them should have been chosen and continued with. I never know who is talking. Which is very annoying. I did like that we had some characters from last book that made cameos. I also liked that the book hinted at a death at the beginning via tv news segments. It is very interesting to speculate who died and what happened. I did enjoy this read.

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