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Neil Wallace
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Joined: Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:45 am

Post by Neil Wallace »

Croatia :)
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Andie Smith
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Post by Andie Smith »

Sunny, hot and huge Brazil.
Bellatrix Rose
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Post by Bellatrix Rose »

USA... :)
Nápoldë Faelivrin
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Post by Nápoldë Faelivrin »


(No cities, please!)
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Efie Ilagria
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Post by Efie Ilagria »

The Netherlands ^^
Rainie Watson
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Post by Rainie Watson »

I live in Canada. =)
Ramona Kirkwood
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Location: Scotland

Post by Ramona Kirkwood »

I live in Central Scotland. We've been blessed with a single sunny day today, but it was 8 degrees C this morning (46 F, if that helps some people).
Seraphina Severus
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Post by Seraphina Severus »

I live in USA :)
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Lowri Bearman
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Post by Lowri Bearman »

I'm from Wales in the UK. People keep thinking that Wales is a part of England, but it is in fact its own country. :)
Sophie Montague
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Post by Sophie Montague »

The Netherlands! :)
Alice Dove
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Post by Alice Dove »

I live in the United States :)
Ember Starsong
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Post by Ember Starsong »

I live in British Columbia - Canada!!! Gotta love the mountains!!!
Alia Shields
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Post by Alia Shields »

I live in New England here in the United States!
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Cornelia Stark
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Location: Pacific Coast

Post by Cornelia Stark »

I currently reside within the northwest region of the United States of America.
Jennifer Kusakabe
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Location: Somewhere...

Post by Jennifer Kusakabe »

It's the northeast region of the USA for me..
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Amelia Redbloom
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Post by Amelia Redbloom »

I love the mix of countries represented here - it's awesome! I'm from the northern reaches of the USA, but I love to travel and learn about other countries and cultures. I hope I get to meet more people from around the world. :)
Shiloh Adlar
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Location: USA

Post by Shiloh Adlar »

Yes, there are a lot of countries represented here! I think that it is the greatest thing ever to meet someone from another part of the world. I am in the midwest region of the United States.
Shiloh Adlar, Seventh Year
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Kailey Jones
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Post by Kailey Jones »

Katherine Kay Black
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Post by Katherine Kay Black »

And I'm from Slovenia :)
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