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Elise Dantes
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Location: Massachusetts, USA

Post by Elise Dantes »

I live in wonderful United States. :)
But I'm originally from Ireland, and plan on moving back as soon as I can. :D
Thanks to Adelline Aldridge! ^-^
Annabelle Avril
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Location: Canada

Post by Annabelle Avril »

I live in Canada, Montreal. Now in montreal is the snow time.
Silde Owen
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Location: Hessen, Germany

Post by Silde Owen »

I'm from England, but I live in Germany.
Allegra Finn
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Location: The Land Down Under! :P

Post by Allegra Finn »

I'm from Australia :D
Allegra Finn
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Rowan Dream
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Post by Rowan Dream »

I am BELGIUM \o/
Prof. Tom Foster
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Post by Prof. Tom Foster »

I live in England.

(no cities please)
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Laila Goldstein
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Post by Laila Goldstein »

Where do I live? Well I live in this state in the country of the United States.
Right now the weather is ridiculously cold... so I am basically hibernating in my dorm room... >w<
Also, I would like to point out like many of other people have said that it is quite nice that HOL brings together so many people from all over the globe.
^-^ I am quite overjoyed about meeting new people from around the world!
Madison Grant
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Post by Madison Grant »

I live in the sunny state of Florida. I spent two years in The Gambia, West Africa, and preparing to head to Cambodia.
Delwyn Azile
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Post by Delwyn Azile »

I didn't realise there were so many Kiwis on here... I'm a proud Kiwi, I love N.Z it's kind of sad that people call us a mini Australia though I like to think of N.Z as it's own country.
Katrina Lovegood
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Post by Katrina Lovegood »

I'm Australian
Ely Granger
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Location: Hufflepuff

Post by Ely Granger »

I live in Italy
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Hermionie Miranda
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Location: Hufflepuff House

Post by Hermionie Miranda »

I live in the USA. :)

[No cities please!]
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Laurie Lovegood
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Location: Under Fumei's bed

Post by Laurie Lovegood »

I'm from Scotland, but I live in Germany.
Tuesday Ciel
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Location: Florida

Post by Tuesday Ciel »

I live in the U.S., Florida really. Where it's hot, humid and absolutely horrid.
Trevor Williams
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Location: USA

Post by Trevor Williams »

I lived all over the place. It ranges from Nevada, to Pennsylvania, and finally to New York. I love New York because of the snow! I hate it though because of the mosquitos in the summer! :(
I miss Pennsylvania because there you actually get to experience all four seasons and where I lived it was a beautiful place. The temperatures didn't get too extreme.

Oh for those that don't know what I am talking about. I live in the USA!
Janelle Daniels
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Location: New Zealand

Post by Janelle Daniels »

I'm from New Zealand, another proud Kiwi!
Evangeline Force
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Location: Slytherin

Post by Evangeline Force »

England! Which makes the time system on here so much easier to handle :)
Bebinn Eszes
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Post by Bebinn Eszes »

I live on the West Coast of the United States.
Savannah Jones
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Post by Savannah Jones »

England for now! I'll be moving to Canada (either BC or ON, dependent on which universities I get into) sometime in the next year.
Tensai Seiryuu
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Location: Serbia

Post by Tensai Seiryuu »

I live in Serbia :P
90% of the people I've told that to online thought of Siberia first xD
But no, Serbia's on the Balkans, in southern Europe :)
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