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Cassi Phoenixfire
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Joined: Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:32 am
Location: Oklahoma, USA

Post by Cassi Phoenixfire »

Seeing that everyone is from all over the world is great!!

I'm from the USA myself. =)
Phillipa Bettencourt
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Location: Slytherin! :D

Post by Phillipa Bettencourt »

It really is awesome to see how many people are from around the world. I myself live in the U.S. =)
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Rachael Wood
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Post by Rachael Wood »

USA. So boring concidering where some people are from.
Sarah Evans
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Location: Canada

Post by Sarah Evans »

I live in Canada, I LOVE it here!
Amora Kamili
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Location: Arizona, the United States.

Post by Amora Kamili »

I live in the United States. :D
Amora Kamili
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Guinevere Eytinge
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Location: Slytherin

Post by Guinevere Eytinge »

I'm from Canada. Ontario to be more exact.
Eno Thomas
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Location: **Gryffindor**

Post by Eno Thomas »

I live in Albania, Europe
Michael Finneas
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Post by Michael Finneas »

Used to live in th Philippines. Now I live in the US.
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Alex Tendder
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Post by Alex Tendder »

I live in BRAZIL, South America.
Anatu Nerezza
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Post by Anatu Nerezza »

Sweden is my home country. :)
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Kelly Oliver
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Post by Kelly Oliver »

I live in the United States.
Alesia Kiara
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Location: Canada

Post by Alesia Kiara »

Ontario, Canada
Heather Granger
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Post by Heather Granger »

I live in the USA, Pennsylvania(The Keystone State)
Mariella Fowl
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Location: U.S.A.

Post by Mariella Fowl »

U.S. In Ohio, actually.
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Colm Scar
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Post by Colm Scar »

I live in the west of Ireland.
It always rains here.LOL.
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Perpetua Phoeinxfire
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Post by Perpetua Phoeinxfire »

I'm from the United States. I think this is kind of a good idea for a forum, cause I too find it really interesting knowing people from around the world! :-)
Gemma Murphy
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Post by Gemma Murphy »

Queensland, Australia!
Violet Rubert
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Location: Curled up on a hammock

Post by Violet Rubert »

I live in the United States. I won't tell you exactly where but we are known as a huge tourist area and one of the sunniest.
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Lucinda Swan
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Post by Lucinda Swan »

Hello! I'm one of the awesome Australians you here so much about! And I agree, it's cool that something like HOL can bring people from all over the world together - maybe someday we'll meet up in Real life too!
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