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Jazmine Parsons
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Post by Jazmine Parsons »

Name: Destiny
Age: 10
B-Day date: January 13, 2003
Personality: I am above average for my age group, always trying to look at the good in people, even if there is no good. I am honest and easy to talk to. I'm a little on the quiet side until I get to know you, then I come out of my shell more. Oh and I'm not a girly girl.
Where you live: STATE / PROVINCE or COUNTRY ONLY: Canada, although I'd like to go to other places when I get a little older.
Male/Female: Girl
Pet/s: I love pets
Fave book: Definitely Harry Potter, not sure which one I like more.
movie: The Harry Potter movies.
TV show: I don't really get to watch many tv shows, just movies.
class: Let's just say, it's complicated.
colour: Blue and red
place to be: Hogwarts, traveling outside of Canada.
thing to do: Be on here, I like to get outside and love making friends :)
Howken Stark
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Post by Howken Stark »

Name: Dusan
Age: 19
B-Day date: 19.06.
Personality: Indifferent, creative, intelligent
Where you live: Serbia
Male/Female: Male
Pet/s: None
Fave book: The Dark Tower series by Stephen King
movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
TV show: Dexter
toon: If anime counts - Death Note :)
class: IT
colour: Green and purple
place to be: Cafe
thing to do: Watching movies, listening to music :)
Ana Wall
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Post by Ana Wall »

Name: Diana
Age: 24
B-Day date: February 7
Personality: snappy, friendly, funny, crazy, nothing can be too embarrassing, open mind for almost everything crazy
Where you live: Germany
Male/Female: Female
Pet/s: one dog (Paula) and one cat (Bonito)
Fave book: The Shack - William P. Young, The Time machine - H.G. Wells
movie: Equilibrium, Star Trek: Into Darkness
TV show: Navy CIS, Stargate, Ghost Whisperer, Cold case, Law and Order
toon: Loony tunes, Spongebob
class: -
colour: blue, green, purple, pink
place to be: everywhere with my friends, at home, at work, on holiday, on the road
thing to do: work ( love my job <3), spend time with friends and family, play with the dog, take care of my house, read, watch TV, drive with the car/motorbike
Simelírië Tindómiel
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Post by Simelírië Tindómiel »

Name: Líadan
Age: 26
Birthdate: october, 31st
Personality: Moody. I can be joyful, gloomy, extrovert, introvert, talkative, silent, serious, playful. Really depends on my mood. But overall I'm a nice person, and respectful. :D
Lives: Brazil.
Male/Female: Female.
Pet(s): Had an excentric cat named Salem. He's gone now. :(
Fav. Book: Have several. Really hard to pick just one, but I'll go with Howl's Moving Castle.
Movie: Another tough one to pick. Let's go with The Little Mermaid. My absolute favorite as a child. :D
TV Show: Gee, so many. Right now, is Once Upon A Time and Marvel's Agents of Shield.
Cartoon: Avatar, the Last Air Bender.
Class: During school I hated all, but now I really like physics, math, chemistry, biology and etc.
Color: Red and Black.
Place to Be: Are you kidding? Hogwarts! :D
Thing to Do: Read. Read, read, read. Takes me to a lot of places. :D
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Camila Kay
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Post by Camila Kay »

Name: Cami (my friends nicknamed me Camila, that's where it came from)
Age: 13
B-Day date: April 22, Earth Day!
Personality: Depends. If I'm with my friends, I'm pretty crazy. In my math class with mostly sophomores, I hardly speak at all
Where you live: The coldest place on Earth (Wisconsin)
Male/Female: Fe=Iron, Male=man. Therefore, I am Iron Man
Pet/s: hyperactive Border Collie named Athena
Fave book: the BFG by Roald Dahl
movie: Forest Gump, or Elf
TV show: Big Bang Theory (love that show)
toon: my favorite as a kid was Tom and Jerry
class: Art or Chemistry
colour: purple! (My whole room is painted this)
place to be: dreamland, in the clouds
thing to do: invent

Nice to meet you! Feel free to friend me, I'll friend you back

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Jazmine Parsons
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Post by Jazmine Parsons »

Name: FIRST name ONLY: Destiny
Age: 11
B-Day date: January 13, 2003
Where you live: STATE / PROVINCE or COUNTRY ONLY: Canada
Male/Female: Female
Pet/s: Too many
Fave book: Harry Potter
movie: Harry Potter
TV show: Smallvile
toon: Don't watch toons
class: English
colour: Light blue
place to be: Hogwarts
thing to do: Go to the park or watch movies.
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Prof. Tom Foster
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Post by Prof. Tom Foster »

Name: FIRST name ONLY: Alexander (or Lex)
Age: 15
B-Day date: January 17, 1999
Personality: I can be very easy going and can get along with pretty well anyone, with the exception of bullies. I value friendship and family more than anything else. I like to make friends and would do anything for them. I also like to make people laugh.
Where you live: STATE / PROVINCE or COUNTRY ONLY: Canada, used to live in England.
Male/Female: Male
Pet/s: 2 hyperactive dogs (a 1 and a half year old and a 8 month old), 2 cats (6 year old and almost 3 year old), a bunny rabbit (just turned 6), a fish (unknown age), and a gecko (unknown age)
Fave book: Harry Potter, of course. Other than Harry Potter, I don't read much.
movie: I have many, but would have to say Harry Potter or Oliver Twist
TV show: Don't watch many tv shows in order to give an honest answer.
toon: My favorite used to be Pokémon and I still play the pokemon videogames sometimes, but don't watch many cartoons anymore.
class: Either Language Arts or Science.
colour: Blue (especially dark blue)
place to be: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter or the real life Hogwarts.
thing to do: Watch movies, go on the computer, do HOL, hang out with friends.
Ailime Wright
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Post by Ailime Wright »

Name: FIRST name ONLY: Emilia
Age: 21
B-Day date: 06th of December (like Hagrid) 1992
Personality: a bit of a nerd sometimes, extremely organized, caring for my friends and family, trustworthy, sometimes naive, just a ball of excitement. And dreamy. Really dreamy.
Where you live: STATE / PROVINCE or COUNTRY ONLY: Originally from Romania, now living in England
Male/Female: Female
Pet/s: none. Used to have a parrot. Absolutely adored my koko! :(
Fave book: Besies HP, Rule by Secrecy
movie: Besides HP, Lotr, Law Abiding Citizen - genius and many many more
TV show: Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Grimm and so on. Loveee Tv shows haha
toon: Sailor Moon anime
class: marketing and geography
colour: depends for what haha black for clothes, red for hair, green for decorations
place to be: Universal Orlando or Warner Bros London
thing to do: love my tv shows, now HOL, I am into zodiacs, spanish and food. I love food! Haha
Lorie Ellison
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Post by Lorie Ellison »

Name: Ann

Age: 20

B-Day date: May 5

Personality: shy, friendly, quiet (when at home), sometimes crazy (when with friends)

Where you live: Philippines

Male/Female: Female

Pet/s: None

Fave book: Harry Potter series, FSOG series, The Westing Game

movie: too many! But I like genres such as RomCom, comic book movies, thriller, action-adventure

TV show: Saturday Night Live

toon: SpongeBob Squarepants, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Detective Conan, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball

class: English

colour: blue, red, black

place to be: mall, the beach

thing to do: drawing, reading fanfiction, surfing the internet, listening to music, eat

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Hanna Inari
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Re: Your *real* Character

Post by Hanna Inari »

Name: Ekaterina

Age: 23

B-Day date: 17.04 (it's not the real date but I kinda feel uncomfortable when a lot of people know the real date, dunno why)

Personality: I'm rather shy and reserved and not very initiative and I can never talk to strangers first. But whenever I really like a person, I start talking on and on. Also I can be driven by some idea and talk to everybody around me about it. I care a lot about other people and always try to help them with their problems (only when I have enough energy). I think people are the most interesting part of the world. I believe in paranormal things and teleportation and mind reading feel natural to me, I feel as though I'm capable of doing it even though I'm really not. I also have a really good intuition. Though I don't think very high of myself, I enjoy all the things I create and really like to read and reread my own texts. Of course I read a lot of other stuff as well but that was to say I'm not subjected to self-criticism a lot.

Where you live: Russia (North-West)

Male/Female: female (though I'd rather think of myself as having no gender)

Pet/s: none

Fave book: LoTR, Lynn Flewelling books, also my favourite authors are O.Gromyko and S.Lukyanenko.

movie: Back to the Future, I rymden finns inga känslor (English version of the title is Simple Simon)

TV show: Dr. Who

toon: My Little Pony, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku

class: English, Russian, Psychology

colour: purple, white, light green, dark green, orange

place to be: my mom's house, Manchester, anywhere in Finland near a lake

thing to do: reading, listening to music, writing, talking to friends about personal problems, eating
Joey Stark
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Re: Your *real* Character

Post by Joey Stark »

Name: FIRST name ONLY: Joey (I wasn't inventive with my HOL name)
Age: 22
B-Day date: 07/09/1993
Personality: I'm pretty shy in real life. My best friend is here so I'll ask her since she probably knows me better. Direct quotes: "cute as a button" "sleepy" "smart" "impulsive" "mumble-y"
Male/Female: Male
Pet/s: 1 fish, 3 cats, 2 snakes, 1 tarantula.
Fave book: Catch-22
Movie: Taxi Driver/Rocky Horror Picture Show/The Shining/Full Metal Jacket
TV show: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Toon: American Dad!
Class: When I was at school: Psychology.
Colour: Blue
Place to be: Bed! And HOL at the moment.
Thing to do: Watch films
Alessandra Grace
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Re: Your *real* Character

Post by Alessandra Grace »

Name: Alessandra ^_^
Age: 21, almost 22
B-Day date: 12/29/1993
Personality: I'm not good at describing it... I'm a bit shy, but I tend to be very cheerful with friends! I'm also very loyal, and get upset of a friend betrays me (it has happened :( )
Where you live: Italy
Male/Female: Female
Pet/s: None. I used to have a fish, a long time ago, but he died :(
Fave book: Harry Potter series ;)
movie: I like most of the Disney movies!
TV show:Supernatural, Big bang theory, Once upon a time, The Flash, Arrow...
toon:My Little Pony (my sister watches it, and I like it to lol)
class:Math (back at school). Now Ancient Greek
place to be:Bed!!
thing to do:Writing
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Alexander Brighton
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Re: Your *real* Character

Post by Alexander Brighton »

Name: Chasen (or Chase for short)
Age: not allowed to say
B-Day date: January 31
Personality: very shy, but i do try to come out of my shell more. i like to help my friends and family in whatever way i can.
Where you live: Canada
Male/Female: boy
Pet/s: 3 shih tzus, 2 cats, a gecko and fish.
Fave book: The harry potter series, don't have a favorite book.
movie: oliver twist, the harry potter series and many disney movies like peter pan.
TV show: none
toon: Pokemon :D
class: my best class in school would probably be language arts.
colour: definately blue, next favorite is darker shade of red.
place to be: Hogwarts
thing to do: go to the park
Avery Blair
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Re: Your *real* Character

Post by Avery Blair »

Name: Karl
Age: 15
B-Day date: November 20th
Personality: Shy, funny, caring, cunning
Where you live: Latvia
Male/Female: Male
Pet/s: A dog, a cat and a tortoise
Fave book: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
movie: Same as the book, I suppose. I don't really watch movies. Oh I loved Not Cool
TV show: Scream Queens
toon: Adventure Time
class: French
colour: Black
place to be: a forest
thing to do: Chill and listen to music
Arianna Stonewater
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Re: Your *real* Character

Post by Arianna Stonewater »

Name: FIRST name ONLY Beth
Age: 26
B-Day date: January 17
Personality: outgoing, loyal, friendly
Where you live: Washington, DC
Pet/s:none, i'm allergic :(
Fave book: Stephen King's Dark Tower series, Glen Cook's Black Company series
movie: Disney's Hercules
TV show: Leverage, Bob's Burgers Doctor Who, The Office (USA version), Scrubs, iZombie, Parks & Recreation, Property Brothers, Love it or List it
toon: X-men Evolution
class: math, drama
colour:Dark Red, Silver
place to be: anywhere warm
thing to do:reading, watching tv, working backstage in theatres, coordinating weddings
Edythe Weasley
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Re: Your *real* Character

Post by Edythe Weasley »

Name: Jess
Age: 24
B-Day date: 11/18/91
Personality: Nice and shy until you know me, then I am more outgoing and not afraid to speak my mind.
Where you live: Canada eh?
Male/Female: Female
Pet/s: Dog named Misty, hoping for pups soon.
Fave book: right now.... Divergent. (Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows)
movie: right now.... Fault in Our Stars. (Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows)
TV show: The Walking Dead... hands down!
toon: Teen Titans
class: Muggle: Psychopharmacology. Magical:Transfiguration or Herbology.
colour: Blue
place to be: Camping in the woods!!
thing to do: Bowling
Hufflepuff Pride <3
Ambrosius Eldricus

Re: Your *real* Character

Post by Ambrosius Eldricus »

Name: James
Age: 20
B-Day date: January
Personality: Talkative when I get to know people
Where you live: UK
Male/Female: Male
Pet/s: Dog
Fave book: Harry Potter, LotR
movie: See above!
TV show: Black Mirror
toon: Simpsons
class: Muggle: Biochemistry, Magical: Transfiguration/Charms/Defense Against the Dark Arts (I like practical spell casting :D)
colour: Blue
place to be: Mountains/Woods!
thing to do: Read, Hike
Kathryn Blackthorne
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Re: Your *real* Character

Post by Kathryn Blackthorne »

Name: Kathryn
Age: 31
B-Day date: August
Personality: introvert
Where you live: California, USA
Male/Female: Female
Pet/s: 2 leopard geckos, 1 ball python, 1 parakeet, 2 pit bulls, 2 tabby cats (one orange one gray), and 36 tarantulas
Fave book: Night by Elie Weasel
Movie: The Girl With all the Gifts
TV show:
Toon: Popeye
Class: History
Colour: Purple
Place to be: Bayton, Kidderminster
Thing to do: READ
Marie Dark
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Re: Your *real* Character

Post by Marie Dark »

August 5th
Personality is outgoing
California U.S.A.
Favorite movie: Star Wars, HP (depends on my mood)
Favorite TV show: Grimm or Game of Thrones
Favorite Toon: Daffy Duck and Road Runner
Class: Don't really have one
Favorite color : Yellow
Favorite place to Be: anywhere there's Water
Things to do: Crochet / Knit / Read / Spending time with my family
Austin Ollivander Black
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Re: Your *real* Character

Post by Austin Ollivander Black »

November 13th
California U.S.A.

Favorite movie: Any old western but especially The Magnificent Seven ( Yule Brynner) and Original Sin (Audrey Hepburn)
Favorite TV show: Grimm and Blacklist
Favorite Toon: Biker Mice From Mars
Class: History
Favorite color : Green
Favorite place to Be: the woods
Things to do: Anything with music, playing games,reading,hunting(not for sport) and fishing.
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