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Virendra Murphy
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Post by Virendra Murphy »

Name: Dorothy
Age: 21
B-Day date: July 7th
Personality: outgoing, adventurous, and I act like I'm 10 :lol:
Where you live: Florida
Male/Female: Female
Pet/s: Cat
Fave book: Harry Potter Series, Audie Murphy and Chuck Yeager's biographies, the Golden Compass series
movie: Harry Potter movies and Hot Fuzz
TV show: JAG, MASH, Major Dad, Lost, Star Trek Next Gen
class: government and aeronautics classes
colour: Maroon and Navy Blue
place to be: My apartment or on base
thing to do: Fly
Lacey Strange
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Post by Lacey Strange »

Name: Amber
Age: 20
B-Day date: 15th July.
Personality: I'm that line between implode and explode. I love to laugh, dance (badly), but I also seem to have the type of personality in which people come to for help or advice. So I am both the trickster and the guardian. At times, I can be quiet.
Where you live: Victoria, Australia
Male/Female: Female
Pet/s: Miniature Schnauzer, Trump & Tortoise Shell Cat, Mog.
Fave book: The Smoke Jumper, Nicholas Evans & Cathedral, Raymond Carver
Movie: Across the Universe, IronMan, Amelie
TV show: -
Toon: Rocko's Modern Life (it's a bit of a classic now-a-days)
Class: Playwrigting, Performance Workshop & Short Story (A Creative Writing major? noooo!)
Colour: Orange, Purple, Grey!
Place to be: Singapore
Thing to do: In-Line Skating, Frantic games of Twister, Conversations anywhere, any place.

Lili Lintball
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Post by Lili Lintball »

wheee, this looks like fun--i just had to try it out! :lol:

Name: Lili (yes, that is my real name)
Age: quince (that's 15 in spanish :) )
B-Day date: July 12 (i'm a summer child!)
Personality: outspoken, quirky, friendly :P
Where you live: USA, sunny California
Male/Female: feemail
Pet/s: two male labrador dogs: Cupcake and Rocky
Fave book: OotP mangas count?
movie: any Tim Burton movie, any Miyazaki film
TV show: meh...I like cartoons :P
toon: foster's and animes
class: screenwriting
colour: purple and green and red <3
place to be: INDIA. or somewhere grassy and hilly.
thing to do: writing
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Saene DeCobra
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Post by Saene DeCobra »

Name: Kat
Age: 17
B-Day date: May 28
Personality: Anti-social, weird, HP-obsessed
Where you live: as ^ said, sunny California
Male/Female: Female
Pet/s: A tortishell named Kali, a grey kitty (with green eyes) named Emily, a parakeet named Serria
Fave book: I have soooo many
movie: n/a/
TV show: Cold Case, any crime show
toon: n/a
class: English
colour: blue
place to be: the internet
thing to do: Reading, I suppose
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Evelina Hawthorne
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Post by Evelina Hawthorne »

Name: Aimée [pronounced eh-may] (friends call me Sku)
Age: 18 going on 19
B-Day date: August 28
Personality:Silly, eccentric, philosophical, random, risky
Where you live: Indiana -_-
Male/Female: Female
Pet/s: 3 cats (Kyo, Bou, Fartcat). Kyo and Bou are sister and brother (respectively). We got them for my mom on her birthday, but Kyo is technically mine. Fartcat was a stray in an alley that my friend Taffner and I saved. 2 ferrets (Fred and George) I got them for Christmas. Funny story, for 3 years I've had Ferrets on my Christmas list and I never really expect someone to get them for me. One day before Christmas I was just sitting in the livingroom on my laptop and what do my parents carry in but a cage with two ferrets inside!!! Good times. And yes, they are named after the Fred and George.
Fave book: It'll always be Through the Looking Glass, but The Book of Flying (by Keith Miller) is getting up there in my list, and everything by Poe!
movie: Labyrinth (David Bowie is awesome!), New York Doll (amazing story of the bassist from the punk band), Spirited Away (really, all of Miyazaki)
TV show: That 70's Show and documentaries about history or paranormal stuffs or random subbed anime. I hate dubs. >.<
toon: Metalocalypse, the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Chowder and old Nickelodeon shows like Aaaah! Real Monsters (I watch them on youtube XD)
class: ENGLISH! I'm planning on getting an MFA in Creative writing from UVA so yeah. ^_________^ Writing is the BEST!
colour: When I'm feeling peppy, I like pink. But yeah, it's green. XD It's always been green... ironic isn't it?
place to be: Camping out for a Jrock concert in downtown Chicago!
thing to do Being front row at a Jrock concert in downtown Chicago!! or my Grandmothers house with all electronics turned off, curled up with a book.
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Alva Saint-Clair
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Post by Alva Saint-Clair »

Name: Call me Carol. Or if you can pronounce it, Dhea (DHE as in DExter, A as in Under, Uncle, so on)
B-Day date: 291291, isn't that the coolest date??
Personality: Calm, friendly, loyal, brimming with logic, a bit random
Where you live: North Sulawesi, Indonesia. If you've heard, our province is hosting an international event next year, called WOC, and it's going to become an international tourist destination in 2010!
Male/Female: Female
Pet/s: A dog called Macan (that means Tiger)
Fave book: Harry Potter, duh! The Lord of the Rings as well.
movie: Same as above, along with Narnia, Wanted, and Kung Fu Panda!
TV show: Smallville, Friends, CSI, Hannah Montana
toon: Dunno ^^
class: something Environmental-ish
colour: White, blue, black, silver, earth colors
place to be: Harry Potter World (I wish!), Australia (I wish even more...)
thing to do: Whatever can keep me busy! I'm not the sit-down kind of girl :lol:
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May Lee
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Post by May Lee »

Name: Seraphina
Age: 22
B-Day date: August 23rd
Personality: shy at first, but once i meet someone i feel comfortable with, i can basically not stop talking :D
Where you live: Java Island, Indonesia
Male/Female: Female
Pet/s: a schnauzzer dog named Clara
Fave book: holy bible maybe..?
movie: Kungfu panda :D
TV show: Prison break, ghost whisperer, kyle XY, heroes
toon: I LOVE PIXAR movies, disney movies and square enix movies
class: class.. what? errh... i've finished all my class, but my fave class is Art
colour: black and pink, not a single pink, not a single black.
place to be: Belgium, Britain and Sweden
thing to do: so much, i still have to learn so much things as long as i live
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Isabella Russo
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Post by Isabella Russo »

Name: Isabella
Age: 16
B-Day date: June 22
Personality: outgoing, fun, adventurous
Where you live: New York
Male/Female: Female
Pet/s: I have a horse named Giancarlo
Fave book: Inferno
Movie: Amici Miei
TV show: The Sopranos
Toon: Family Guy
Class: Visual Arts
Colour: red
Place to be: Sicily
Thing to do: Taekwondo, write, read
Leonard Burgoroth
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Post by Leonard Burgoroth »

Name: Leonard
Age: 14
B-Day date: March 25th
Personality: ambitious, logical, outgoing
Male/Female: Male
Pet/s: Yeah, a dog named Max
Fave book: Harry Potter series, Ender's Game, Narnia
movie: The Dark Knight
TV show: CSI Vegas, other CSI or detective show
toon: Batman, Family Guy, Transformers and Disney or Pixar cartoons
class: Science
colour: Blue, Brown
place to be: in the swimming pool, library or football field
thing to do: draw, read, play football, swim and sometimes I want to laze around
Prof. Zenix James
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Post by Prof. Zenix James »

Name: Ashley, but I go by Ash
Age: 19
B-Day date: February 4th, do-the-math ;)
Personality: Uh. Ironic? Free spirit, I think that's fitting.
Where you live: USA, North Carolina
Male/Female: Rofl...Classic, I'm female. Surprise, surprise.
Pet/s: I have a cat named Skizzy
Fave book: Mmm, far too many to narrow down. Twilight series, East of Eden, Mercedes Lackey's stuff.
Movie: Anastasia
TV show: House/Gossip Girl
Toon: Don't have one.
Class: Anything criminal justice related.
Colour: A darker emerald green
Place to be: With friends
Thing to do: Listen to music and read a good book.
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Zia Stonebury
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Post by Zia Stonebury »

Name: Call me Jay. That's as far as I will go, I have a VERY rare name.
Age: I will be 18 anytime now, so, yeah, I'm 18.
B-Day date: October 26 (anytime now :P )
Personality: Quiet, introvert-ish...non-gossipy, out-of-reality girl. Oh, and LAZY!!!:P
Where you live: India, Asia.
Male/Female: Female. DUH.
Pet/s: None! :( I'm, like, begging my parents for one, but they won't let me.
Fave book: Since this an introduction-sort-of-topic, I'll just give you a tip- NEVER ask this question. To me. Never-ever. I'd probably just list ALL the books I've ever read, and that will take VERY long.
Movie: Again, too many. Erm...LOTS!
TV show: None you guys will have heard of. :) Otherwise, I'd think...maybe one of the Disney, Suite Life of Zack and Cody. *nods*
Toon: Tom and Jerry. All-time-classic. And I had this fanacism for Pokemon a few years ago. I just think it's cute now. And there's Phineas and Ferb, which I only love for it's amazing sarcasm and witticisms.
Class: English Lit., my French class, sometimes Math.
Colour: A deep, dark, blood-RED. Call it marroon, scarlet, whatever you want.
Place to be: In my room, on my bed, with my books.
Thing to do: Listen to music, and read, and watch TV, and come onto HOL....anything that involves sitting in one place. *G*
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Zia Stonebury
Prof. Zoki Phantom
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Post by Prof. Zoki Phantom »

Name: Zoki (that's what everyone calls me, though my true RL name is Zoran <_< )
Age: 16
B-Day date: April, 10th
Personality: o.O like... weird, intuitive, free spirit, wild, out-going, intelligent, moody, humorous etc. *g*
Where you live: Macedonia, Europe. (bet you never heard of it? though it's the country of Alexander the great)
Male/Female: Male
Pet/s: Nope, Mum hates animals <_<
Fave book: The Alchemist, Angels & Demons
Fave movie: Daredevil
TV show: Charmed or Friends, I can't decide.
Fave toon: Bah, don't know how it was called, but it involved all the super heroes, both women and men.
Fave class: English
Fave colour: Black(previously Blue & Green)
Fave place to be: At my aunts' house
Fave thing to do: Write, Read, Listen to Music, Watch TV/DVD, Go Out. (pick yourself one *g*)
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Prof. Gustavo Flores
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Post by Prof. Gustavo Flores »

Name: Gustavo
Age: 19
B-Day date: October 14th
Personality: Organized, responsible, shy, calmed.
Where you live: Mexico
Male/Female: Male
Pet/s: Yes, a female toy poodle dog named Camila
Fave book: I love many books but among my favorites are Harry Potter, Little Women, The Secret Garden, and Marley and Me
Fave movie: I also like many movies but among my favorites are Raise your Voice, Harry Potter, Miss Congeniality, Enchanted, and The Lake House
TV show: I really, really loved Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, although that was years ago, then I also loved Lizzie McGuire! About actual TV Shows, well I don't have any because now I rarely watch TV, school work keeps me busy all the time!
Fave toon: My favorite toon ever is Hey Arnold! I love Helga! I also like Garfield and Friends and The Pink Panther
Fave class: Literature, although right now I'm not taking it, but if I have to choose between the ones I'm currently taking taht would have to be Photography and Digital Image
Fave colour: Red
Fave place to be: A beautiful garden or a forest
Fave thing to do: Read, listen to music, go to the cinema, play with my dog
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Ingrid Wason
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Post by Ingrid Wason »

Name: Ingrid
Age: 20
B-Day date: January 23, 1988
Personality: Shy, nice, happy, but can also be evil
Where you live: Norway
Male/Female: Female
Pet/s: Cat
Fave book: Harry Potter, +++
movie: Harry Potter, The wizard of Oz,
TV show: The Simpsons, Reba, 8 Simple rules, That 70's show,+++
toon: Ed, Edd'n Eddy, Dexters Lab, Disney, +++
class: Finish highschool, waiting for a job or something
colour: Black, green, blue, red, purple, white, grey
place to be: In bed, sleeping
thing to do: Draw, paint, read, listen to music,+++
Annette Picolt
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Post by Annette Picolt »

Age: 15
B-Day date: 12-15-92
Personality: loud, funny, shy (if I don't know you well enough), happy, optimistic.
Where you live: The USA
Pet/s: 5 dogs and 3 cats
Fave book: I love, love, love Twilight! (although it isn't as amazing as Harry Potter)
movie: The Dark Knight :ph34r: :lol: <---That was the closest I could find to a Batman and Joker Smiley.
TV show: One Tree Hill
toon: Spiderman, Teen Titans, Dextors Laboratory.
class:History and Vet science
colour: Blue
place to be: Chicago, Utah, Texas :D
thing to do: HOL, FFA, Reading, and Music
Dionne Dale
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Post by Dionne Dale »

Name: caryssa
Age: 13
B-Day date: 2nd june 1995
Personality: i'm sweet, friendly, and trustworthy..i'm also a moody person
Where you live: philippines
Male/Female: female
Pet/s: i used to have a dog..but he's dead now.. :(
Fave book: HP series...twilight saga
movie: hp movies..and many others..
TV show: ~~~
toon: ~~~
class: i love mathematics (i'm currently studying geometry, but i love algebra more), i alsi like english and biology (it's really fun to learn the meaning of scientific names). :)
colour: lavender, pink, blue, gold, orange, brown..
place to be: anywhere with my friends and loved ones!!; and also to neverland?!?
thing to do: read books, hang out with friends, watch tv and eat!!

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Stephen Scofield
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Post by Stephen Scofield »

Age: 15
B-Day date: 27-August-93
Personality: Happy, friendly, loud, fun
Where you live: Indonesia
Male/Female: male
Pet/s: 3 turtles
Fave book: Harry Potter series and Eragon, Eldest, Brisngr series
movie: Kingdom of heaven, transformer, etc
TV show: Prison break
toon: Bolt, Cars, etc
class: maths
colour: Red
place to be: New York, Los Angeles, Jakarta
thing to do: HOL, Reading, watching movies, and Music
Phillipa Bettencourt
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Post by Phillipa Bettencourt »

Name: Stephanie
Age: 15
B-Day date: October 24, 1993
Personality: Very in my head, and reserved until I get to know people. Then I won't shut up. I've also been known to be rather amusing, and am rather sarcastic and tend to make a lot of jokes.
Where you live: United States
Male/Female: Female
Pet/s: A fish named Lily
Fave book: The Singer of All Songs
movie: Iron Man, Dead Again, Real Genius, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and probably a ton of others that I don't remember because all I do is watch movies when I'm not online
TV show: Chuck, Smallville, So You Think You Can Dance, Pushing Daisies, Numb3rs
toon: The Simpsons, Death Note, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh!GX
class: This year: Spanish & Biology
colour: Red
place to be: My emo corner. That's where all my stuff is like my laptop and books. :P
thing to do: Roleplay online
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Rachael Wood
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Post by Rachael Wood »

Name: Nicole
Age: 14
B-Day date: August 19
Personality: sarcastic I guess....
Where you live: Massachusetts
Male/Female: Female
Pet/s: A cat (Mischief) and a fish (Sparkie)
Fave book: The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke
movie: Dunno
TV show: House
class: biology
colour: blue
place to be: dunno
thing to do: sports
Amora Kamili
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Post by Amora Kamili »

Name: Andrea Lee

Age: sixteen.

B-Day date: May 1.

Personality: It depends on my mood/environment/etc. Sometimes I'm just kinda quiet, other times I have a lot to say, and will say it. Sometimes I'm sarcastic, sometimes I'm sweet, sometimes I'm really moody. lol.

Where you live: Arizona, usa.

Male/Female: female.

Pet/s: none.

Fave book: the twilight series.

movie: the lion king.

TV show: spongebob. :D

toon: same.

class: junior/senior.

colour: red.

place to be: my room.

thing to do: many things.
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