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Time Capsules

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In the 80's, mom bought an older house which had originally been a log cabin, and people had simply added on rooms. It had electricity, but no indoor plumbing. It came with a well and an outhouse. It was a nice house (once the modern conveniences were added) and I've often been curious about the generations who lived there.

I live on a one acre plot of land, with a creek on one side and a hill on the other. Sometimes I wonder who will be living here in the future, and what the place will look like.
In the future, will people be curious about me?

I've considered leaving a time capsule to be opened 100 years from now. But what to leave in it? I figure people will have access to news and that sort of thing, so I'm thinking about:
1) utility bills. Who knows - maybe they'll read about my pellet stove and decide that's the way to go :lol:
2) photos of the inside of the house. That should be a fun comparison!
3) a link to my memorial Facebook account. Why not?

What about you? What would you add to a time capsule? It doesn't have to be one on your property- it could be a local one buried in your city park, etc.
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Re: Time Capsules

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I think that if I were to leave anything for someone 100 years from now, I'd probably leave photos. If it was a time capsule based where I'm living currently, I'd maybe leave a photo of everyone who lives here, a well-loved cat toy, and maybe a note that discusses how the closet door has to be pushed up and to the right in order to close all the way. I've seen people who have renovated their houses leave little notes inside for whoever renovates the house next and I think that's pretty neat.

If the time capsule was a local one, I think I'd like to include snippets of what local life was like at the time I was there. Maybe a local restaurant menu that may not be there in the future, handmade jewelry, maybe some packets of seeds. The possibilities are truly endless!
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