Which Hogwarts student can you relate to the most?

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Alexander Brighton
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Which Hogwarts student can you relate to the most?

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Which Hogwarts student do you relate to the most?

I feel like I relate more to a couple characters in one way or another. But the character I might relate to the most is Neville Longbottom. I have a lot in common with Neville. He's extremely loyal to his family and friends and cares about them, same as me. He was also shy and introverted, same as me and low on self confidence, but he overcame a lot of it as he got older. That's why Neville is also one of my favorite characters.
Prof. Sindor Aloyarc
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Re: Which Hogwarts student can you relate to the most?

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As a kid, I always identified with young Neville, mostly for his somewhat socially different/out-of-place vibe and that I was also a bit round at the time. Once the books progressed forward and I grew older, I would have to go with adding Luna Lovegood to the top of the list based on her alternative perspectives on relationships and reality. But more like Luna combined with a Ron Weasley kinda type as the best pal/comedic relief guy!
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Re: Which Hogwarts student can you relate to the most?

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There are many characters I can empathize with, but I believe I resemble Luna Lovegood the most if I'm to calculate matching traits. We have similar dispositions and modus vivendi. As fellow daydreamers, we're both exceedingly easygoing and unfussy. I can see myself in her way of drifting through life as if it's not a competition as some may see it, but as a journey—a merry adventure—to revel and luxuriate in. And while she may lack a certain bloodthirsty ambition which I also am short of, she has no absence of passion for learning and doing what's just. We both have a fondness for trivia about creatures and arbitrary subjects that some may deem unimportant. I am a very gentle and empathetic person and I can see that in her interactions with Harry as well.

It's a bit amusing that I relate to a Ravenclaw more than a Hufflepuff, but I think there's a lot our Houses have in common. I'd say Newt Scamander is a close second.
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