Favorite Costumes?

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Favorite Costumes?

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In October, many of us love to wear costumes and have fun going to parties or doing some trick or treating. Lots of us honor our Houses and wear our colors with pride, or we choose to join some friends and dress up as characters from another Fandom. Many of us will choose the always popular witch or something of that sort.

This year I think I'll go as Aragog. Adding 4 appendages sounds easy enough!

Probably the worst costume idea I ever had was to go as a bunch of grapes. I literally attached balloons to a sheet and wore the sheet. Don't do this.

Are you dressing up this year? Do you have a favorite costume? One you wish you never worn?
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Re: Favorite Costumes?

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SO: me and my Partner have discussed various options for costumes this year. UNFORTUNATELY... I don't have high hopes for anything to come into reality this go around, BUT, here are some musings.

We've discussed going as Cheer Bear (me) and Grumpy Bear (him) from the Care Bears, and I've been pushing for the last few years to go as the Heat Miser (probably me) and Snow Miser (likely him) together from "The Year Without a Santa Claus" buuuut if I had to guess, the closest bet for THIS year would be that we go as Bugs Bunny (me) and Elmer Fudd (him).

My FAVORITE costumes we wore together was when we chose a Pixar's "Up" themed Halloween where he went as Carl and I went as Russell. He even made a House out of carboard and attached a ton of balloons to it! It was epic. ^____^
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