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Gail Allen
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A Dream Room

Post by Gail Allen »

If you could add any room to your house or flat without having to consider anything at all, what would you add? Or would you rather renovate a room you already have?
How would the room look - what would be in there? What would the function be of this room?

I think I would want to add a craftsroom to my house where I could keep all my fabrics, yarns, papers, embroidery hoops, metal wire, wooden boards, nails, tools, and all the other knick-knacks I have for crafting.
There should obviously be ample table room - certainly enough that I could spread out fabric to cut on it. And another table for woodworking.
I'd also want there to be a mannequin dummy with my measurements for me to drape fabric and patterns on to test them.
And lots of shelves for me to keep everything well sorted.
That would be my absolute wish.

Or if I can't have that; a library with a cozy reading nook with whimsical fabric hanging from the ceiling to create almost a nest for me to sit and read in.

But those are my dreams; What would you want?
Gloria Thompson
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Re: A Dream Room

Post by Gloria Thompson »

I would want a laboratory for science and also a library. I like to craft things and to do experiments, but I don't have a place for that in my house and I want one. I know that sounds crazy, because science is a thing that normal people use to have a simpler lifestyle, but I find it interesting. I have a lot of books in my house and in every room is a bookshelf (even in the kitchen), but there aren't enough books in my opinion. I always need more books and a cozy space where I can read.
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