Camping, anyone?

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Alexander Brighton
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Camping, anyone?

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I go camping every year from June until September. We come home sometimes, but we spend a lot of the time in Summer at a campground. We have campfires, roast marshmallows, make Smore's, play games, have water fights, and of course there's internet so I can take my laptop and still visit HOL and IRC. Does anyone else like to camp? And if you do, what's your favorite camping activities?
Iverian Gnash
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Re: Camping, anyone?

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I love camping :D While we don't go too much because of our school, we do get a lot of traveling in.

Last summer, my family and I went on a trip to the states out west and we camped almost every night for a month and a half. We went out to Washington (all the way to the end, got to hang out on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean which turned out to be way more different than the Atlantic in my opinion :P ) and then went on a long detour back to Florida, touching as many states as possible.

I loved camping at the KOA's because they had everything there (a swimming pool :lol: ), but I remember one site we stayed at that was in a forest and there was a river we swam in one night. That was tons of fun :D We got very quick at setting up/taking down tents ;) My siblings and I slept in a large tent we have that's supposed to sleep eight people and my parents slept in a smaller one, but my bro's would sometimes set up their little one.

One night, it poured and we had to stay in our van for hours until it let up enough to set up the tent. In the morning, everything was wet, including the inside walls of the tent and the floor <_<

As far as camping activities go, we pretty much run around the place engaged in an enormous game of tag, hide and seek, or cops and robbers. All-in-all though, I love camping and it really helps you to connect with nature and you meet some cool people along the way :lol:
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Lorainia Riverrider
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Re: Camping, anyone?

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We don't get to go camping very often, but it is always an adventure when we do get to go. We do spend a lot of time in the outdoors though. Usually, we go hiking and during the summer we go swimming in the creeks.
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Annie Days
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Re: Camping, anyone?

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I love to camp- always have.
My youngest daughter is in a scout type group and they camp a few times a year. I always go with her and set up my own tent.
As a child we just had a bedroll we spread in the car and cooked over the campfire, now I bring cots and thick blankets and have a camp stove- I guess I got too used to being pampered as I got older. I want to one day go to the Grand Canyon and camp in the bottom of the canyons or up to Machu Pichu and do the camping trek that lasts about a week or so.
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