Hot Foods Cold, or Cold Foods Hot?

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Kendra Givens
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Hot Foods Cold, or Cold Foods Hot?

Post by Kendra Givens »

As I sit here eating and loving my leftover pizza cold, I have to wonder - am I weird? Does anyone else love cold pizza? Are there other foods that you love to eat at temperatures they're not supposed to be served at? Maybe you like cold chicken noodle soup or warm peanut butter and jelly? Give us your ideas below!
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Mia Fountain
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Re: Hot Foods Cold, or Cold Foods Hot?

Post by Mia Fountain »

I don't think its that I like to eat foods at temperatures they aren't supposed to be served at, I think it is more convenient. I do like to eat cold pizza, but I think its because it doesn't taste the same to me when it is reheated. I will also eat my lunches cold at work, if am hungry and I don't want to wait in the line for the microwave.
Hannah Lovegood
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Re: Hot Foods Cold, or Cold Foods Hot?

Post by Hannah Lovegood »

I don't think that I like them at different temperatures. I think that I like doing weird things with food. Like, last night, I had rice and I put it in my ketchup. And I also put the rice on my hamburger. I like putting blueberries in my yogurt.
February Fortescue
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Re: Hot Foods Cold, or Cold Foods Hot?

Post by February Fortescue »

I began drinking cold coffee before it was cool :D I really don't Ike super hot foods or liquid, and starting looking for ways to cool down coffee so I could drink. My Mocha Lattes are delish!

If a food is really hot, I'm looking for something to add, like a cold condiment. I add the one I think will work best.
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Prof. Sindor Aloyarc
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Re: Hot Foods Cold, or Cold Foods Hot?

Post by Prof. Sindor Aloyarc »

I'm definitely more of a 'cold foods hot' type of person, though I will say that what I really am is a lazy heater of foods, lol. As much as there are some things I genuinely do love cold (leftover turkey from the fridge over Thanksgiving is always such a 'yes-please!' for me), often times the reason I eat things at room temperature or less is because I just don't care enough to take the time to warm it up. I've been stared at with crazy-eyes by many an onlooker who's seen me open up a can of soup and start enjoying. 'Far as I'm concerned, it's already been cooked, but try to tell that to some people and they're like, No, Sin. No. ;) I find most things just about as delicious either way, though there are of course many exceptions ... Like mashed potatoes! Not my favorite cold, haha.
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