Potions - Introduction

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Potions - Introduction

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Welcome, all!


This is a one-term class giving you the basics of everything related to Potions! You can find more information about the class, on the site's Class Info page. Here is a quick summary of the lesson topics:
  • Lesson 1 - The Art of Potions
    We will give an overall introduction to the topic and get you ready to start your Potions journey!
  • Lesson 2 - Your First Cure
    We will learn how to deal with Potion ingredients and actually work on the very Potion - Cure for Boils!
  • Lesson 3 - We're All Forgetful
    We will continue with general Potions knowledge and focus on the Forgetfulness Potion!
  • Lesson 4 - Dragons and Living Death
    We will check out the uses of Dragon Blood, have a brief look at preparing ingredients for the Draught of Living Death, and work on the Wiggenweld Potion.
Each lesson has an assignment piece (homework and extra credit). At the end of the class, you can complete an exam and a project. That's 10 work overall, each worth 30 house points, allowing you to earn up to a total of 300 house points!

The assignment deadlines are monthly, but as end of month tends to be busy for everybody I actually set the deadline to the following "Sunday". As an example, the assignment deadline for September's lesson would be October 4th, midnight HOL time. Obviously life happens, so if you need more time - please just approach me for an extension.

In order to pass the class and obtain a quill, you will have to earn at least 150 house points. For those who manage to achieve more, can complete all assignments or generally excel with their work, then there might be shiny prizes on top!

Hope to see you in class!

Prof. Zoki Phantom


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