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Marley Rose
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Trophy Room

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I have 2 awards and I don't know how I got them, and it says in the handbook go to the trophy room, but I don't know where that is or how to find it.
Prof. Sky Alton
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Re: Trophy Room

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Hi there, Marley
I'm afraid the Trophy Room is currently being renovated with some other features. It looks like one of your awards is a class award - to find out why you got it you could always check the class website for that particular class to find what that trophy is handed out for (you'll notice that the teachers name is included alongside the award on your profile, so it should be easy to work out where it came from). The other is a house award so there will be a thread on your house common room where those awards were announced back when they were awarded - you might have to look back a bit but it will be there.
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