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Olympic Games Fun

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Hello everyone. I know the 2018 Olympic Games aren't officially over for a couple more days, but what does everyone think about the Olympics so far? What did you all think of the opening ceremony? (You can add what you think of the closing ceremony in a couple days when that happens :)). What is everyone's favorite athlete this year? How about least favorite sport? Has anyone here ever participated in the Olympics or went to see them in person? Any other closing comments or opinions on the Winter Olympic Games of 2018?
I think the Olympic Games were good. The only problem was Korea is 13 hours ahead of me!!! So my day is their night and my night is their day! I watched it mainly when my parents were watching it. The opening ceremony was excellent, they went all out. I never really watched the opening ceremonies before this year (never really watched as much of the Olympics until this year). My least favorite sport would be cross country skiing and the figure skating just because i find it a bit more boring, especially the cross country skiing, downhill skiing is good. I've never been to the Olympics in person, but would think that would be a good and fun experience.
What does everyone think, were you all happy with the outcomes of the Olympic Teams?


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