Baseball Season

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Baseball Season

Post by Prof. Rorey Padfoot »

We are a month into the new baseball season. Do you typically watch throughout the season, or do you just like watching the World Series? Do you have a favorite team?

I tend to follow a little bit throughout the season, and see who gets to the World Series. Teams I typically follow are the Oakland A's and the San Francisco Giants. To me, watching the games on tv is so not the same as at the stadium. I have been to many baseball games and they are great in person!
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Emily Spencer
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Re: Baseball Season

Post by Emily Spencer »

I'm more of a football person myself, but I will, on occasion watch a baseball game or two. Due to a co-worker's obsession with them, I would have to say my team of choice is the Chicago Cubs. I'm hardly a super fan, by any means, but I have done my part and sang the whole "Root for the Cubbies" pre-game song more than a time or two.

I have watched the World Series, but not religiously. My grandma, on the other hand, loves baseball and watches the whole season. She likes the Yankees...go figure!
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