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HOL Has Gone Social

Post by Prof. Dario Brighton » Sun Mar 15, 2015 9:48 am

Hear ye, hear ye!

HOL has finally found its way to today's social media. Without further ado, let me introduce you to:


Both social media pages will be updated with information, announcements, random trivia, facts, reminders, games... basically everything you need to know and more. Feel free to browse, like, share, subscribe, follow and what not to stay in touch with current HOL happenings.

Here are some general guidelines for HOL social media:
  • Social media pages and accounts are ran by the official Social Board.
  • Members of the Social Board can be found listed here: CLICK!
  • Posting is only allowed to page managers.
  • Commenting and replying are open to all members.
  • All comments will undergo moderation, meaning that we will hunt for inappropriate content and take measures.
  • Inappropriate content includes:
    1. Linking to your HOL profile and connecting your RL profile to your HOL one. (If you are eager for people to have your contact, you can use the Edit Personals button on the main site!)
    2. Posting any kind of inappropriate materials. A list can be found in the Handbook.
    3. Posting offensive materials.
    4. Posting irrelevant content.
  • Measures taken in case of violations:
    1. Warning and comment removal.
    2. Ban and exclusion from the respective media page.
    3. The Social Board members have sworn to protect personal data they might run into. A case of misbehaviour may and will lead to exclusion from the board and a possible expulsion from the site on the terms of violating HOL's privacy policy.

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