Student Teachers And Class Assistants

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Student Teachers And Class Assistants

Post by Prof. Ulol Kimil » Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:15 pm

The Head Office revised the way we worked in the last years with Student Teachers and Class assistants, and we saw that things were not working properly. So from now on, we have settled new guides:
- number of classes a Student Teacher can teach - 3 max per term
- number of classes a student can assist in - 3 max per term
- amount of points awarded to student teachers and assistants per class - Student Teachers: 100 max (awarded by the HO at the end of term), assistants: 50 max (by Prof/ST)
- as student teacher, you can either have assistants for your own classes (but can't assist other people), or you can assist other people's classes (but have no assistants for your own ones)

We must emphasize that the Professor/ST must be the one who does the work, and the assistant will just "assist" when needed, hence the assistant of a class can be awarded no more than 50 points during the term, and it is up to the Professor/ST to award the points according to the job done by the assistant, but never more than 50 points in the whole term.

If the Professors/ST disappears, and the Class assistant takes over, the HO will determine at the end of the year what you will be given points-wise.
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