NEWTs, Graduation, and Professorship

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NEWTs, Graduation, and Professorship

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The Head Office is excited to announce that the reformed NEWTs class is now being offered to anyone in their 7th year who has completed at least one OWL.* Anyone meeting this criteria has been automatically added to the class.

Upon successful completion of NEWTs, students will be awarded EoY points for services to the school. They will not receive any class points or a quill, and it does not count towards their class limit for that term.

This class is taught jointly by Professors Dario Brighton, Zoki Phantom, and Kyrie Adderholt.

Going forward, 7th years that have completed at least one OWL will automatically be enrolled in the class in the Spring term of their 7th year. They must earn 3 NEWTs to graduate. For more information, please see the NEWTs website.

Effective immediately, the HO will be limiting the number of students allowed to become professors without passing OWLs, NEWTs, and graduating. This will only allowed under special circumstances. If you wish to become a professor early, you must speak with the HO about why you wish to become a professor and why you think it is necessary. This applies to anyone who may have previously been a professor without graduating but has now reverted back to their student status.

Previous NEWTs

If anyone has previously taken the older versions of NEWTs and would like to try their hand at the new version, please send me an HOL message no later than 11:59 pm HOL time on March 15th to join the class. You will not receive points.

*Students are auto-enrolled with just one OWL. However, they must earn five more OWLs with their NEWTs in order to graduate.
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