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Back to Hogwarts

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Every year, a celebration is hosted on Back to Hogwarts day at King's Cross station for a countdown to the Hogwarts Express leaving. This year, however, things have to change a bit. Instead of gathering at the station, Wizarding World recently announced that they will be holding a 'Back to Hogwarts' live virtual session on September 1st from 10:30 to 11:30 am HOL time.

Here you can find all information about it along with the link to keep an eye on. Wizarding world will also be coming out with new crafts, puzzles, quizzes, etc... leading up to the big day!

While for a lot of us the timing is really early (5:30 am for me), there are also quite a few of us who will be able to make it! Have you heard about the Back to Hogwarts celebration yet? Are you planning on going? Have you ever been to the celebration at King's Cross before?
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Re: Back to Hogwarts

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Hello! I was able to join the virtual event and it was very magical. I also join the virtual film concert series and the nighttime lights at Hogwarts castle. I even bake some pumpkin pasties and made some homemade chocolate frogs and butterbeer. It was a very special celebration from home.
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