Chapter Challenges

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Chapter Challenges

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Along with our favorite stars reading Harry Potter chapter by chapter, Wizarding World is handing out chapter challenges! These chapter challenges are quizzes to test your knowledge on each chapter after you've listened to them being read.

Here is the chapter challenge to the newest (as of posting this) video for chapter 9! If these creative challenges aren't quite your thing, they also have multiple-choice quizzes! If you go here and scroll down to 'Chapter Quizzes' you can find all of the chapter quizzes and going to their features page and scrolling to the bottom under 'More to Explore' will show you all the chapter challenges!

Has anyone tried any of these out yet? How did you do?
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Re: Chapter Challenges

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As a joke, I tried answering the questions before reading/re-reading the chapters. I believe that barring one or two questions, I already knew the answers, due to my Quidditch experience. Keep missing some though, and these were the ones I always have trouble with. :P

Such a fun and creative way to incorporate reader engagement!
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Re: Chapter Challenges

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Yeah, I've been really impressed by the thought and creativity that's gone into the resources to accompany the readings. I think if I was a child discovering the book for the first time then the little writing/drawing/crafting challenges would have really helped bring it to life (and even as an adult, some of them got me wishing I had the time to do them). The quizzes were a fun way to procrastinate a few minutes - top marks on all of them (though probably because I've only just recently re-read PS).
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