Harry Potter at Home

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Harry Potter at Home

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While the virus hangs around, it's important to stay home and away from others to avoid spreading it. To promote this and keep people home, Rowling and the Wizarding World have partnered with Audible, Overdrive, and other companies to provide Harry Potter related material to keep people engaged during this social distancing time. For example, you can now read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for free on Audible!

They're calling this initiative 'Harry Potter at Home' on Wizarding World where you can find a collection of fun activities to keep everyone occupied like quizzes, recipes, and arts and crafts. Harry Potter at Home can be found here and this is the introduction page as a place to go to know what's what.

Have you heard of Harry Potter at Home yet? Does anyone have any neat ideas for keeping yourself occupied?
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Re: Harry Potter at Home

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Best news ever :wub: thanks Ivey!!!
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Re: Harry Potter at Home

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I am alredy in harry potter at home, más I want to say three things...
1.Now you can listen Daniel Radcliffe reading the first chapter of harry potter and the philisopher's stone!
Its amazing!
2-My patronus in harry potter at home is a antes 😂
3- I recommend you to do the first chapter challenge.
If you are bored: HARRY POTTER AT HOME!
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