Harry Potter Exhibition

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Harry Potter Exhibition

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Since we're all stuck at home, the Wizarding World has conveniently published this article. The Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition is a collection of tons of random information from the books.

The article will lead you to the British Library Exhibition found here. As you scroll through, there is an immense amount of articles and videos to see ranging from a closer look at the courses taught at Hogwarts to an interview with Jim Kay, the illustrator who drew the scenes for the illustrated Harry Potter books.

I immediately went to the Ripley Scroll and started reading through it. It's pretty cool how the paper is really small and then it zooms in to certain parts as you scroll down with facts about it. :D

Have you seen the exhibition already? What's your favorite part of it?
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Re: Harry Potter Exhibition

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Thank you so much ! I just discovered the British Library Exhibition and I'm enjoying my time there, it is wonderful to find so many well organised and interesting texts,I found out old manuscripts that tell about some magical plants used in the mideval era plus some articles telling about the art of reading hands and other exciting themes.
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Re: Harry Potter Exhibition

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Thank you so much for sharing this as being in lockdown I am struggling to keep myself entertained so I shall definitely be checking this out from tomorrow and will update you on how I have found it :)
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Re: Harry Potter Exhibition

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This is cool
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