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Wizarding World: Explore the Story

Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2019 3:16 am
by Iverian Gnash
Wizarding World (formally known as Pottermore) recently announced a new addition to their site. Explore the Story is a feature that provides a new way to learn about a variety of topics in the wizarding world like various places and magical creatures. No release date is provided save for 'Coming Soon' :ph34r: I'm super excited to find out what this is! :lol:

You can take a look at the headline by going to the main Wizarding World site and scrolling down.

Wizarding World provided this summary of it: "Explore and educate yourself on the Wizarding World in a whole new way, with our upcoming, interactive Explore the Story pages. Learn about your favourite magical creatures, characters, locations and more with our handy new tool, which promises to be a rather enchanting experience."

Does anyone have any new information about it? Any idea when it'll be released? :D