Quidditch comes to Hogwarts Mystery

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Quidditch comes to Hogwarts Mystery

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Pottermore just posted this article! Apparently, we can now enjoy playing Quidditch in Hogwarts Mystery! I've redownloaded the app to see what it's all about and though I haven't gotten around to trying it out yet (in other words, I'm stuck in the middle of another quest :P) it seems really cool.

There are a lot more quests and things that have been added since I've last been on which surprised me when I redownloaded it and had all these new cool features. They've added a Beaxbatons student who wants to transfer to Hogwarts, new characters, adopting magical creatures, and a few new places to visit among a lot of other new features. :D

Has anyone else tried out the new Quidditch and what do you think about it? Are there any new features to the game you thought were awesome and want to share a bit about?
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Re: Quidditch comes to Hogwarts Mystery

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I actually really like the play for it! Plus it doesn't cost energy, just coins, which is really nice. And of course a new energy spot is available too!! It's the golden snitch, which currently respawns ~36hrs It's just the thing they needed to get off the back burner they've been on since Wizards Unite came out!
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