Wizards Unite Trailer

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Wizards Unite Trailer

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Wizards Unite came out recently :D and along with it, Pottermore is talking all about its new trailer that was put out about a week ago. They examine every bit and piece of the trailer and what we can expect from the new game. You can read that post on Pottermore right here. (a link to the trailer can be found inside that article) :lol:

The trailer was posted on the Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite Twitter and it follows a girl and her friends as they fight off all sorts of trouble like dementors and death eaters, even coming across a niffler at one point who's in the process of making off with many shinies. ^_^

The game itself was released last Friday. Has anyone tried out Wizards Unite yet, and if so, what do you think of it? Does the trailer nicely depict what the game is all about or do you wish it had added something else in there?
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Re: Wizards Unite Trailer

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I've been playing for a bit (I got in on the early release) and I love it! I thought that the non-autoregen energy was going to be an issue, but it just forces me to leave my house more so that's ok.

The trailer is actually a fairly good representation of the game, as far as searching for foundables and fighting/wizard challenges. I like that there is a storyline with this too that feels more cohesive than with the hogwarts mystery game
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