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This is the place where you can introduce yourself to the rest of the class! You can tell us why you decided to take this class, what other HOL classes you are taking, what do you like doing, or anything else you think convenient. Remember that, if you wish, this can be 10 points worth of assignment or extra credit.

I'll start myself:

I'm Prof. Gustavo Flores, from the fantastic and noble Ravenclaw House. I am Mexican, I am 29 years old. I studied Communications, have a Master Degree in Education and now I am a High-School Professor, teaching "Reading and Writing Workshop" and "Literature"!! I truly love my job! It's easily one of the best things that has happened to me! Ok, what else?? Literature, Cinema, and dancing are the activities I enjoy doing the most! I'm always reading a book, I can never say no when it's about watching a movie, and most of my free time is spent in dancing rehearsals or dancing classes (jazz, contemporary jazz, flexibility and gimnastics). I also enjoy playing board games and playing with my lovely dog! The classes I will be taking this term are: Accidental Magic Reversal Squad, Ancient Alchemy, Magic on Ice: Figure Skating, Magical Maladies, and Muggle Studies: Fandoms. I am very excited about all of them, and I truly hope I will be able to finish them!

Besides Healing Herbology, I am also teaching Fantastic Worlds and Where to Find Them, Disney Studies: The Classics and Career Advice: Planning your Future! Make sure to check them out!

So, who's next?! :D
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Re: Introductions

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I'm so far the only one posting here... which makes me a little nervous, but I guess I'll do it. I'm taking this class because I'm into herbal medicine and also teas. I have a small list of medical issues and a shelf of prescription meds, so I like to supplement different herbs. And I always like to learn different things. Currently, I'm using aloe and slippery elm, plus I will eating ginger in several different forms because it helps with my stomach the best. Which includes a ginger-basil tea I got somewhat recently. Since I constant drink herbal teas, it's nice to know a little about the herbs I might find in them.
My other classes are Dragons and Muggles And Magic Collide. I'm also doing my OWLS this year. I kinda failed a few of my classes last semester because I just couldn't do the homework (and lost grasp on everything, and had to put real classes and my OWLS first), so I'm trying to work on that this semester.
In real life, I'm a student that's graduating this May, and I am happily living all alone except for my cat. So I take a lot of silly cat pictures. And I am currently spending my time listening to wizard rock or history podcasts.
"It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have live at all – in which case, you fail by default."
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Re: Introductions

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Hi everyone. :) I'm Trinity Anne Silvers, 1st year Hufflepuff. I decided to take this class because I enjoy learning about the world around me and the different methods of curing it has to offer. I'm also taking Ancient Alchemy, Ancient Runes, Magical Greek Mythology, and Basic Healing.
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