Official Quidditch Schedule, 2018-2019

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Official Quidditch Schedule, 2018-2019

Post by Cody Lewis » Thu Oct 04, 2018 5:40 pm

Captains, please try and edit in your refs, whose contact information has been added to the referee thread, at least a week before the game; the QB will try and do the same.

2018-2019 Quidditch Schedule
(Subject to reschedules)

All games are held at 9PM HOL time. Click here for the current HOL time.

November 10: Ravenclaw (20) versus Slytherin (590){S} - Quaffle Ref: Dario; Snitch Ref: Ravenclaw forfeit (Katelin); QB: Tarma; Stats
November 17: Gryffindor (60){S} versus Hufflepuff (210) - Quaffle Ref: Maxim; Snitch Ref: Cody; QB: Will; Stats

December 8: Slytherin (440) versus Hufflepuff (80){S} - Quaffle Ref: Arielle Cosmo Arielle; Snitch Ref: Slytherin forfeit (Arielle); QB: Cosmo; Stats
December 15: Ravenclaw (370){S} versus Gryffindor (140) - Quaffle Ref: Cody; Snitch Ref: Gryffindor forfeit (Katelin); QB: Tarma & Will; Stats

January 12: Hufflepuff (130) versus Ravenclaw (320){S} - Quaffle Ref: Dario; Snitch Ref: Will; QB: Jenny; Stats
January 19: Gryffindor (60) {S} versus Slytherin (470) - Quaffle Ref: Cosmo; Snitch Ref (Slytherin forfeit) (Gail); QB: Tarma; Stats

March 2: Gryffindor (60) versus Ravenclaw (310) {S} - Quaffle Ref: Marcie; Snitch Ref (Gryffindor forfeit) Cody; QB: Tarma; Stats
March 9: Hufflepuff (160) versus Slytherin (440) {S} - Quaffle Ref: Cosmo; Snitch Ref: Prof. Limine Snidget; QB: Arielle; Stats

April 6: Slytherin (360) {S} versus Gryffindor (0) - Quaffle Ref: Marcie; Snitch Ref (Gryffindor forfeit) Katelin; QB: Tarma {game conceded at 30 minutes}; Stats
April 13: Ravenclaw (170) versus Hufflepuff (170) - Quaffle Ref: Will; Snitch Ref: Cosmo; QB: Will (with some help from Tarma) {Snitch was played; time ran out before it was caught}; Stats

May 11: 6 pm HOL -- Hufflepuff (350) {S} versus Gryffindor (10) - Quaffle Ref: Will; Snitch Ref: Cosmo; QB: Cosmo/Will; Stats
June 8: Slytherin (430){S} versus Ravenclaw (40) - Quaffle Ref: Dario; Snitch Ref: Katelin; QB: Jenny {Ravenclaw conceded game at 45 minutes (retroactive application of new conceding rules to include games with Snitch play involved) ; Stats
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Re: Official Quidditch Schedule, 2018-2019

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Thu Oct 04, 2018 5:48 pm

House points are different from game points. The game points are posted above and here are the House Points that will be added to the points of the Houses. This will be edited after each game.

November 10: Ravenclaw - 100; Slytherin - 400
November 17: Gryffindor - 150; Hufflepuff - 350
December 8: Slytherin - 350; Hufflepuff - 150
December 15: Ravenclaw - 400; Gryffindor - 100
January 12: Hufflepuff - 100; Ravenclaw - 400
January 19: Gryffindor - 150; Slytherin - 350
March 2: Gryffindor - 100; Ravenclaw - 400
March 9: Hufflepuff - 100; Slytherin 400
April 6: Slytherin - 400; Gryffindor - 100
April 13: Ravenclaw - 200; Hufflepuff - 200
May 11: Hufflepuff - 400; Gryffindor - 100
June 8: Slytherin - 400; Ravenclaw - 100
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Re: Official Quidditch Schedule, 2018-2019

Post by Cody Lewis » Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:37 pm

Updated 8 Jun 2019

Code: Select all

Rank    Team      Games    Scores     Diff   Points
1     Slytherin     6     2730-360   +2370     18
2     Ravenclaw     6    1230-1520    -290     10
3     Hufflepuff    6    1100-1440    -340     7
4     Gryffindor    6     330-2070   -1740     0

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Re: Official Quidditch Schedule, 2018-2019

Post by Will Lestrange » Sun Oct 07, 2018 5:35 am

2018-2019 MVP winners:

Impress us during a game and it could be YOU... yes, even YOU!

November 10: Arianna Stonewater
[14:14:40] * AriStonewater ( has joined #quidditch (she had left the room; we had to find her!)
[14:14:48] <AriStonewater> what?
[14:14:53] <Katelin> Welcome back Ari!
[14:14:55] <@Tarma> we weren't done
[14:15:04] <Katelin> MVP!
[14:15:08] <@Dario> Drumroll?
[14:15:10] <AriStonewater> ok, what else do i need to do?
[14:15:12] * @Tarma DRUM ROLLS
[14:15:14] <Katelin> DRUMROLLLLLLLLL
[14:15:17] * +cody drumrolls
[14:15:21] <+cody> badadadadadadadadadadadada
[14:15:50] <@Dario> The MVP award for this match goes to a player who debuted with this game and proved herself a solid match for competition.
[14:16:06] <@Dario> Please put your hand together for Ms Stonewater!
[14:16:11] * @Tarma cheers
[14:16:13] <@WillLiam> congratulations arianna
[14:16:14] <AriStonewater> awww, yay!
[14:16:15] <@R-K-Lemoyne> congrats Arianna!
[14:16:16] <@Tarma> Arianna!!!
[14:16:17] <+Scarlet|Work> Yay Arianna!!
[14:16:17] <+cody> M V P! M V P!

November 17: Prof. Jenny Lupin and Sirius Fudge
[17:09:25] <@WillLiam> it's time to announce MVPs for this match... but we're doing it slightly differently today
[17:09:49] <@WillLiam> neither of the refs were lucky enough to see the entire match, so each of them will make a separate announcement at the same time
[17:10:09] <@Maxim> -drumroll-
[17:10:27] * @cody drumroll
[17:10:32] <@Maxim> For his amazing stand against Gryffindor Chasers and high block percentage, which made for an exciting match. Congratulations to......SIRIUS FUDGE.
[17:10:36] <@cody> ...and congratulations to Jenny Lupin on her spectacular return to #snitch!
[17:10:46] <+Sirius> \o/
[17:10:50] <@G-S-Jenny> :O

December 8: Cody Lewis
[17:26:00] <@Arielle> MVP HAS BEEN CHOSEN
[17:26:12] <+Mazur> DRUMROLLLLL
[17:26:21] <+Lynx> DRUMROLLLL
[17:26:25] <Sirius> DRUMROLLLLLLLLLL
[17:26:27] <@Tarma> DRUMROOLLLLL
[17:26:57] <Sirius> LLLLLLLLLLLL
[17:26:59] <+cody> LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
[17:27:42] <@Arielle> CODY LEWIS!!

December 15: Vanessa Tilley
[17:25:22] <@cody> MVP coming up!
[17:25:29] <Katelin> DRUMROLLLLLLLL
[17:27:21] * Nessa ( has joined #quidditch
[17:28:08] <@cody> alright, the votes have been tallied
[17:28:17] <Katelin> DRUMROLLLLLL
[17:28:37] <@cody> for a strong performance against veteran competition, this week's MVP goes to...
[17:28:45] <@cody> ... Vanessa Tilley!!!

January 12: Prof. Kyrie Adderholt
<@Jenny> alright, we have an MVP :)
<@Jenny> thanks for waiting everyone!
<@Jenny> and thank you all for playing an awesome game!!
<@WillLiam> thanks! i really wished i could have watched quaffle, but you know... ;)
<@Jenny> But there was one player who stood out for making a large amount of blocks...
<+Shad> druuuuuuumrooolllll

January 19: Will Lestrange
[14:14:35] <@T-Bear> DRUMROLL
[14:14:53] * @G-K-Jenny plays the trumpet instead?
[14:14:57] <@T-Bear> haha!
[14:15:01] * +Zenix busts out some jazzy sax
[14:15:04] <@Cosmo> Ahem. YOUR ATTENTION, PLEASE!
[14:15:11] * +DeadCody attentions
[14:15:16] <@T-Bear> D R U M R O L L
[14:15:18] <@Cosmo> This game's MVP goes to a player who demonstrated their knowledge, speed, and "much, much more"...
[14:15:29] <@Cosmo> WILL LESTRANGE!!!!

March 2: Prof. Limine Snidget
[14:25:30] <@T-Bear> DRUMROLL
[14:25:35] <+Shadow> oh yaaay!
[14:25:39] <@T-Bear> DRUMRULL
[14:25:39] <Katelin> DRUMROLLLLLLL
[14:25:44] <Zenix> Woooooo
[14:25:50] * Zenix beats the bongos
[14:25:56] * @Marcie brushes off the dirt from her shoulders after the hefty MVP-discussion with Tarma
[14:25:59] <+Shadow> WOOOp
[14:26:04] <@T-Bear> pshhh
[14:26:10] <@Marcie> MVP goes too..
[14:26:18] <@Marcie> Limine Snidget for her ability to switch from catching the snitch in the last game to this games amazing Quaffle play.

March 9: Prof. Tarma Black
[14:12:57] <@Cosmo> ATTENTION, PLEASE.
[14:13:18] <+Mazur> dodge
[14:13:26] * @WillLiam casts Shield Charm
[14:13:33] <@Cosmo> We have discussed today's MVP, and we have decided to award it to a player who gave a great performance.
[14:13:38] <@Cosmo> no

April 6: Cody Lewis
[13:43:21] <@Tarma> DRUMROLL
[13:43:32] <Katelin> bamba,aba,abamababababaajasms
[13:43:39] <@Tarma> D R U M R O L L
[13:43:57] * +DeadCody drumroll
[13:44:12] * @DeadWill drumrolls
[13:44:16] <Katelin> dead people can drumroll lol
[13:44:18] <@Marcie> for an amazing blocking percentage! The MVP goes to... Cody Lewis!

April 13: Marcie Hobber and Prof. Arielle Lemoyne
[17:38:52] <@WillLiam> MVP announcement time!
[17:38:53] * R-B2-Adderholt is now known as Kyrie
[17:38:57] <@WillLiam> everyone get out your drums!
[17:38:59] * Sirius is now known as Pecan
[17:39:03] * Marcie is now known as Nile
[17:39:03] <@Cal> DRUMMMMMMMMM
[17:39:04] <Mazur> drumrollllllll
[17:39:33] <@WillLiam> a tie is one of the rarest things seen on the Quidditch pitch; I haven't seen one in my years at HOL
[17:40:07] <Nessa> Katilin and I just want to be friends :P We didn't want to beat the other lol
[17:40:07] <@WillLiam> and this tie was very much a defensive battle, with both Keepers showing exemplary performance and winning the head to head battle against their respective opposing Chasers
[17:40:34] <@WillLiam> so in this game, what makes the most sense is to give both Keepers the award
[17:40:40] <+Pecan> \o/
[17:40:41] <@Cal> oh wow
[17:40:43] <@WillLiam> congratulations to both MARCIE HOBBER and ARIELLE LEMOYNE!!!!!

May 11: Kaitlyn Nightingale
[11:19:01] <@WillLiam> it's time to announce MVP for the game; everyone get your drumrolls ready!
[11:19:09] <+Lynx> DRUMROLLLLLLLLLL
[11:19:13] <Mazur> somehow this got xedo ut
[11:19:17] <Mazur> DRUMROLLLLLLLLL
[11:19:19] <@Cal> DRUMROLL
[11:19:22] <Pecan> LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
[11:19:58] <@WillLiam> for getting an impressive number of Beater blocks and holding her own on that side of the pitch, the MVP this game will go to... KAITLYN NIGHTINGALE!!!

June 8: Professor Scarlet Leslie-Lewis
[14:48:45] <@T-Bear> DRUMROLLLLLL
[14:48:54] <Katelin> DRUMROLLLLLLLL
[14:49:00] <@Dario> We're ready to announce the MVP.
[14:49:12] <@T-Bear> wheeEEEEEEEEE
[14:49:44] * @Jenny shakes some maracas
[14:49:59] * Katelin shakes the maracas
[14:50:03] * @Taka drumrolls to accompany
[14:50:05] * @Taka drumrolls to accompany the maracas
[14:50:11] <@Dario> Congratulations to Slytherin for winning this match and special congratulations to Leslie-Lewis, who displayed increadible skill beating for the winning team. That is why we're awarding her the MVP Award!
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