The Return of Quidditch

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The Return of Quidditch

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Quidditch returns to HOL!

As many of you know, the Quidditch Committee and advisers have been working hard on revamping how Quidditch is played on HOL. It’s been a challenging process with many ideas and issues to work through but we’re glad to say that we have found a system that we think has real potential.

We’ll be releasing a formal handbook as soon as we possibly can (which will aim to answer many of your questions) but we wanted to give you a basic overview of how the new game will work in the meantime.

How it Works
Quidditch is still played on IRC (HOL’s chat program), with Quaffle and Snitch played in two separate channels/rooms.
Matches last up to 90 minutes (if Snitch is being played), 75 minutes (if snitch is rescheduled and will be played at another time) or 60 minutes (if snitch has been forfeited). If snitch is being played, then the game lasts until the snitch is caught or until the full 90 minutes are up.

Quaffle Play
The quaffle portion of the game is now divided into two: trivia play and grid play. We will alternate between phases of each for as long as the match lasts. Both of these will add points to a team’s score for the match.

Trivia Play
Trivia play involves answering questions about the Harry Potter series as fast as you can. Points will be awarded to the first 6 players to answer: 20, 10, 5, 3, 2, and 1 points will be awarded to the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth person, respectively. For anyone who has played the classic HOL Broom Game known as Xany, it works exactly the same way.

Grid Play
After every 7 trivia questions, the game will move to a grid phase. These will be the goal scoring portions of the match. Each team will have the opportunity to place three offensive pieces (representing Chasers) and three defensive pieces (representing two Beaters and a Keeper) on a game board with three lanes. You will be able to discuss piece placement with your team in your private team room.
After both teams have finished placing their pieces, the referee will compare the boards and resolve them as follows:
-Each Beater or Keeper can block exactly ONE Chaser *in the same lane*.
-Each unblocked Chaser will score a goal; each blocked Chaser will NOT score.
(For example, if a lane has two Chasers from Team A and one Beater from Team B, then Team B's Beater will block exactly one of the Chasers, so Team A will score one goal from that lane
corresponding to the one unblocked Chaser.)
Goals are worth 50 points each and will be added to the points earned by each team in the trivia phases. Once the grid phase finishes, trivia resumes.

Snitch play will stay the same as in the previous system. The two seekers will compete by moving around a 13 by 13 grid (separate from the quaffle grid); by doing so, they will earn points which will unlock clues to the logic puzzle they must solve to discover the snitch’s location. The number of points earned by the winning seeker will be adjusted to fit the new Quaffle Game.

The Question Set
Questions are taken from the 7 Harry Potter books as well as the companion books: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages. No other information is considered as valid, even if it comes from official sources like or interviews. Please note that Fantastic Beasts refers to the textbook, not any of the movie tie-ins such as the screenplay!
The new set is an overhauled version of the one that has been used on HOL for many years. Questions have been edited to make them more consistent and easier to read. Incorrect or misleading questions and duplicate questions have been removed. Also, some types of questions have been removed to reduce flooding in the channel during matches. These include:
-chapter questions
-Most date/time questions
-Questions with answers that are a straight number (for instance ‘12’ would not be an acceptable answer but ’12 feet’ would be)
-Quotation questions shorter than 5 words and longer than 10.
-Questions with answers that are a single-word colour (‘green’ would not be acceptable but ‘emerald green’ would be)
We’ll be releasing an official copy of the set ahead of the new season to enable people to practice.

This Season
Quidditch will return for a shortened season in the Spring Term, with each of the houses playing 3 matches. The calendar of matches will be announced closer to the time.

If you’d like to play for your house team, make sure you keep an eye on your Common Room as that’s where announcements will be posted once your captain(s) are ready. If you want to prepare, rereading the books would be a very sensible place to start.

We’re looking forward to welcoming everyone back to the pitch next term!
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