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Bella Coupland
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Post by Bella Coupland »

Hi everybody!

I'm Bella Coupland, 2nd year Ravenclaw. I am studying Biology at university (hopefully I can use some of that knowledge to help us win!). I also think we should have some cookies, being on the Dark side and such.. *goes to help Eia Donne*

Oh and perhaps we should start an IRC channel for us Death Eaters where we can like talk about the team challenges and stuff and you know .. plan world domination.
Prof. Gustavo Flores
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Post by Prof. Gustavo Flores »

Hi fellow Death Eaters! Gustavo Flores reporting to the headquarters! I am a fifth year Ravenclaw student and excited to be working with you! I have a strong feeling that we are going to win this!! We will make the castle tumble, establish our reign, and change history forever!

Nice to meet you all! Time to do some spy work! ;)
Emma Weasley

Post by Emma Weasley »

Kyrie Adderholt wrote:QUOTE (Kyrie Adderholt @ Sep 1 2011, 11:10 AM) If you are on the Death Eaters team feel free to introduce yourself to your fellow DEs! Looking forward to seeing you guys wreck havoc this term :D
OMG OMG OMG SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! :lol: Hi everyone! I'm Emma Weasley, a Gryffindor first year (but if things go the way I hope they will, I'll be a fifth year by the end of this term) and I'm really excited about being on the Death Eater team!
Prof. Silmarien Szilagyi
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Post by Prof. Silmarien Szilagyi »


It came as a shock to me that I'm a Deatheater. Kyrie must've placed an Imperius Curse on me. >>

Anyway, I'm Silmarien Szilagyi, a 5th year Ravenclaw. I'm a prefect and student-teach two classes, along with assisting two others. I help run Ravenclaw activities, and participate in both Ravenclaw and HOL-wide events. So, I'm a busy little Eagle.

In RL, I'm almost 23-years-old and working towards a Masters in forensic anthropology. I love bones, clearly; music; writing; books; horses; and a variety of other things. I bounce from hobby to hobby. I speak and teach Hungarian and am currently attempting to teach myself Finnish (it's hard! D:).

Well, that's it. Oh, and do curse some of those Hogwarts students, will you? We must win!
Thanks Cassie Lobiesk!
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Stella Alexander
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Post by Stella Alexander »

Hi there, this is Stella. 1st year Slytherin, enough with the politic chi chat, who's ready to cause some damage?! Yeah! Team evil for the win!
Prof. Rorey Padfoot
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Post by Prof. Rorey Padfoot »

Silmarien Szilagyi wrote:QUOTE (Silmarien Szilagyi @ Sep 10 2011, 03:03 PM) It came as a shock to me that I'm a Deatheater. Kyrie must've placed an Imperius Curse on me. >>

Well, that's it. Oh, and do curse some of those Hogwarts students, will you? We must win!

LOL whatever you KNEW you'd be on this side! You have those shift eyes o.O O.o :P
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Eia Donne
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Post by Eia Donne »

*cracks up* Kyrie and Pottermore must have some mental connection...first I get assigned to the Death Eaters team and then I get sorted into Slytherin!
Rebekah Wilder
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Post by Rebekah Wilder »

Hi everyone!

I'm Bekah and I'm a second year Ravenclaw (although I call myself a Slytherclaw...)

I like pomegranate, dark chocolate, and muffins... especially Dark chocolate and pomegranate muffins!

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Rowan Nazz
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Post by Rowan Nazz »

I'm Rowan Nazz and I'm a sixth year Ravenclaw. I was surprised to be on this team, but I think we have a good chance of winning the battle! I love doing puzzles, reading, and music. My favorite food is spaghetti. My favorite things to do on HOL are take classes and participate in summer camps! I don't have any cookies, but I do have muffins! *passes out muffins to teammates*
Olivia Ashford
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Post by Olivia Ashford »

Hello! :D

I'm Olivia Ashford and I'm a first year Ravenclaw student. I am super excited to destroy Hogwarts with all you fellow villains.
Prof. Sandra Bloomwicks
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Post by Prof. Sandra Bloomwicks »

Hi ya'll, I'm Sandra Bloomwicks, a 6th year Ravenclaw. I'm not taking many classes, just trying to pass my OWLs so I can graduate in 2 years. So I can put all my efforts into our team winning the battle. I will prod people if necessary! (and if you need any help or strategies with the puzzles, feel free to bug me on IRC - Sandeh) We totally got this Battle in the bag! =)

In real life I'm a software engineer to earn money for my all my dance and circus activities. Specifically I'm into modern dance/release, flying trapeze, and hoop/lyra. I love puzzles, which is part of the reason I took this class. After seeing the first Team Challenge I was like yea! This is going to be sooo awesome.
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Zach Lusifoy
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Post by Zach Lusifoy »

Hey, i'm Zach Lusifoy and I'm a first year Ravenclaw:)
I'm 13 years old in real life and i live in England:)
I'm in year 9 which is the American equivalent of an 8th grade i think:)
I'm pretty sure the deatheaters are going to win!
And at school i enjoy geography and sports/p.e:)
Alhena Turpin
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Post by Alhena Turpin »

Hello Team mates!

I'm Alhena, 1st year Ravenclaw. I'm here since January, but did not get a time to involve in school life. Now I'm trying to do that. . I love reading books, especial fantasy and I’m trying bit of writing myself. I am also huge cats lover and chocolate addict.
In real life I'm 25yo Polish girl, but for past 6 years I live in Ireland.

Lets re-write history and win this battle!
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Jade Packer
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Post by Jade Packer »

Hi all I'm Jade a fifth year gryffindor student although truth be told I've been in and out of HOL for a fair bit longer than that. To be honest most of my time in HOL is spent on IRC but I do try and pick up a class every now and then just to try and get a few points. It seems my mask of good has slipped a little though as first I was placed into slytherin in pottermore and now here I am as a death eaters. Still evil has more fun so I'm not complaining.

In RL I'm a stereotypical nomad never settling in one place/job too long. I live and breath music. I also love a good challenge.
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Prof. Limine Snidget
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Post by Prof. Limine Snidget »

Hi! I'm Ashley Margaret, a Slytherin second year and proud Death Eater.
I took this class because I LOVE puzzles and the extra credit looks super fun.
I've been without internet recently and the absence of HOL in my daily routine has made me very sad. It also means that I've been frantically trying to get assignments done and/or asking for a bunch of extensions. =(
I love reading, dancing, math, andddddd quidditch of course. =)
Good luck fellow Death Eaters!!
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