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Welcome my dear students! I am sooo glad you have decided to embark on this magical journey with me and your classmates! Here we strive to learn as much as we can about the very interesting topic of Magical Creatures! Soo let us begin on our magical journey. First we shall introduce our selves! I'll start us off!

Hi there!
I'm Ryan Granger a Second Year Ravenclaw Resrve Prefect. I also Co-Teach Duelling 101 with Arielle Lemonye. So if you have space for one more class. Sign-up for that one too! I love magical creatures and teaching! So I hope to see you all around HOL! Good Luck this term!!

Your Teacher,
-Ryan Granger

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Prof. Zoki Phantom
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*waves to the teacher and all his classmates*

I'm Zoki Phantom, a 4th year Hufflepuff Prefect and a HOL Head Boy, but people usually just know me as a dorky points-earner. I'm fine with both descriptions really, as long as you get the gender right (I'm a boy, regardless of what you might hear or see around here!).
Anyway, I was having a hard time picking classes for the new term, but in the final round Ryan's CoMC won a spot. I'm hoping to have a lot of fun and to learn many new things, especially since Ryan is awesome and the class seems very good too. I heard last term's students had a blast, so I'm here to have that same ride.

Feel free to say hi to me if you ever see me around, I don't bite (except if you're the Sparkly Butterfly or the Loserholt)! ;)
Lucy Greyback
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Hi Everyone *waves*. I'm Lucy Berkeley and I'm a Third Year Gryffindor. I joined HOL back in 2007, and was quite active back in the day. I actually was also the Student Teacher, turned Professor, of Lycanthropy. Then due to my muggle life, I became inactive for the last year. But now I am back and ready to rock'n'roll, and earn many, many points. And especially be super duper active in my house :D And take over my class of Lycanthropy again next term, hopefully....

In other related Lucy news, I have chosen this class because I love animals and this was perfect for me. I took also Care of Magical Pets :) Not to mention DADA, Founders of Hogwarts *pokes Zoki* ;) , and Basic Healing :) I am so looking forward to this class, and getting to know fellow classmates. Don't hesitate in sending me a PM, or an email, or poke me on IRC (if I'm on), or even simply adding me as a friend :)

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Amelia Fadden
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Hello all, I'm Amelia, a first year Eagle! I joined HOL at the beginning of the year, so this is my first term of classes and I am ready to get started! :) I'm a member of the HOL Book Club, the HOL PPC, and just joined the fabulous RQT. :lol: I'm frequently on IRC (AmeliaF or some variation of that, usually. I'm also seen as Krakatoa when I'm botting.) so feel free to poke me!
Felicia Preston
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Hi All,
I'm Felicia, first year student at Hufflepuff. I'm hoping I can learn much and make new friends here in this class. Feel free to add me :)

I'll try my best to keep up and turn all the assignments on time.

Cheers :)
Fumei Spookie
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Hello everybody!
I’m Fumei Shirokuro and a first year Gryffindor! I’m really excited about this class because I’m a real animal lover… I would probably be put at the same level as Hagrid, the more dangerous, the more loving get XP :wub:
I hope we all get all <333
Ivy Mizanin
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Hi guys! I'm Ivy Mizanin, and I'm a first year student. I'm in Slytherin, and currently feel kinda awkward being the only Snake.

I'm waaaaay too eager to start, the best description my sister has been able to give me is 'a nerdy gothic cheerleader'. *waves at professor* I'll see you in Duelling as well, then!
Enid Labs
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HELLO!!!! I'm Enid Labs, a 14 year old really proud badger. I'm not exactly new in here, but almost. I love eating, cooking, reading and listening music (so if in one of the classes you see me reading a book wouldn't be weird). I'm proud of my big cleverness, but I don't know why I can't see myself in Ravenclaw. I'm not easy sociable now a days. 'Til the other year I was so sociable with anyone, but I don't know why this year I became very very shy (but in social websites it's so much easier for me to meet people). I hope this class will be the best one (it's my favorite since I was eight years), so I think that's all I can tell about myself.
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Iris Ixchel
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Hi all. I'm Iris and I'm a first year Ravenclaw. And I can't wait to get started on the second assignment.

I've seen you before. *points at Ivy*
Why is your hair pink, it was black last time I saw you, and why are you looking at me funny?
Jenna Cromwell
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*stands up and waves* Hi, I'm Jenna Cromwell and I'm a first year Gryffindor who's starting to get into the hang of things. I'm muggle born and I love chocolate frogs. *smiles* that's about it.
Prof. Kath Snape
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Hello ALL!!

My name is Kath Snape and I am a 7th year Hufflepuff Prefect. Yes a 7th year, WOW how time flies by. I love coming to HOL every day and I am excited about taking Advanced Care Of Magical Creatures. I too, like Ryan, love learning about Magical Creatures. I am also taking The History of Hogwarts - The Castle (taught by my fellow Huffie Zoki Phantom) - A Pirates Life For Me - The Tales Of Beedle The Bard and WOMBAT. Earning points for myself and my Hufflepuff House has been just one of the reasons I love HOL. The other of course is meeting new students and continuing the wonderful friendships I have made over the last 7 years. You might recognize my name if you were looking through the HOL Classes as I teach Potions For Beginners as well as Advanced Potion Making (only for those who have taken and passed PFB).
Good luck to you all and have a wonderful Fall and Spring Term.

Oh yeah and Thanks Ryan for teaching such a great class. :D
Prof. Kath Snape - Teacher of Potions For Beginners & Advanced Potion Making



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Eloise Renard
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Hey! I'm Eloise Renard, brand new Slytherin first year. I've currently been accepted in Care of Magical Creatures, Potions for Beginners & Norse Mythology. I'm really bad at talking about myself, but I like learning new things, and meeting new people.
Rhiannon Moonstone
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Hi, I'm Rhiannon Moonstone. And in year 1 Ravenclaw. I just emailed you yesterday about the first assignment.
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