Ancient Runes Autumn 2020

Class led by Prof. Felicia Hartwick

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Ancient Runes Autumn 2020

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Welcome to Ancient Runes and thank you for being part of my class. Ancient Runes, as you know is a one term class. To earn a quill in this class you must complete all assignments and the Final Exam.

Lessons and Assignments found here will be presented to you on the first (or near about) of the month. The assignment for each lesson will be due on the last day of the month the assignment was given. Each assignment will consist True or False questions, an essay question and of course the Extra Credit. The T and F and essay are worth 30 points and the Extra Credit is worth the same.

Submit your assignment to The subject Line should read Ancient Runes and the Lesson number. In the body of your submission please include your name and House.

If you need an extention, please send me a message, there are many ways to track me down. You can leave a pm on the Forum, drop me a message on HOL, e-mail me at the above address, or I'm always at the Sett, leave a note there. I do understand RL can put a damper on our plans here at HOL, so I am willing to give you a bit of extra time to head in work. I just need to hear from you before the actually due date to any assignment.

I hope you enjoy our time together. Drop by the classroom area here to see if there is any new information you need to know about.

Thank you.

Professor Felicia Hartwick

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